Famous Photographs Given the Star Wars Touch

I would not know how to put a description to the best photographers, but I do know that those who catch our attention (and hold them) by creating opportunities for great photos have something going for them. Truth to be told, I had never heard of photographer David Eger, but one look at his recent […]

When Recession Hits the World of Star Wars

Recession has hit many countries in the past years, and so many other countries continue to suffer from economic downturn. I don’t know if you have been hit hard by these problems, but whether or not you have, here’s something that will put a smile on your face, albeit maybe temporarily. What would the people […]

Deep-fried Gadgets: Taking Gadgeteering to a New Level

Think you’re a gadgeteer? You might want to think again. Ask yourself how far you would go to play with your gadgets. I have a feeling that you won’t be able to top what this guy has done. Harry Hargreaves is a photographer from New Zealand working out of his New York studio, and he […]

Fallen Superheroes by Eric Curtis

They may be fallen superheroes, but they certainly have not lost any of that superhero charm in my book. These fallen superheroes are the creations of Eric Curtis, an LA-based photographer who has released a book titled – you guessed it – Fallen Superheroes. I had never heard of Eric Curtis before, but apparently, he […]

You Are Not Banksy: Banksy’s Art Translated to Photos

Banksy may very well be the most elusive artist of our generation, and he is one of the most respected as well. We already have featured Hanksy, who has made a name for himself “copycatting” Banksy. This time, there is another artist who has built his work on the art of the street artist. Photographer […]

How to Turn Your iPhone Camera Into a Microscope

I have never been big on high tech cameras that can do wonders for one’s photos. I am more of the point and shoot kind of person, and as long as the photos turn out decently – not blurry for the most part – I am usually satisfied. Recently, though, I have been having issues […]

Earth Laughs in Flowers – Not Your Everyday Flower Art

It’s that time of the year again, when everyone and their mom seems to be caught up in the overly commercialized fever of the “Love Month”. We are not totally averse to Valentine’s Day, as you may very well know. We have posts such as the one about the Indiana Jones engagement ring. If, however, […]

Superheroes in a Drop of Water

Earlier this month, I discovered a photographer whose work stopped me in my tracks. Even the most jaded of people might even agree with me in saying that German photographer Marcus Reugels stands above the rest with his photographs. The work that caught my attention features drops of water refracting the earth, or at least […]

New Camera Will Change Photography Forever

Have you heard about this new camera that lets you focus the picture after it’s been taken? It’s called the Lytro camera, and it was dreamed up by a genius from Stanford who wants to help you capture perfect moments on film without having to wait for the focus. Instead, you can choose any focal […]

My Grandma’s a Superhero! Meet Super Mamika

Well not really, but I bet my grandma can hold her own. This grandma, though, has got what it takes to dress up and pose as if she had superpowers. Last year, French photographer Sacha Goldberg released a set of photos featuring his Hungarian grandmother, Frederika, as a superhero. Grandma Frederika, then 91 years old, […]