When Recession Hits the World of Star Wars

Recession Army

Recession has hit many countries in the past years, and so many other countries continue to suffer from economic downturn. I don’t know if you have been hit hard by these problems, but whether or not you have, here’s something that will put a smile on your face, albeit maybe temporarily. What would the people […]

Superheroes in a Drop of Water

Batman in a Drop of Water

Earlier this month, I discovered a photographer whose work stopped me in my tracks. Even the most jaded of people might even agree with me in saying that German photographer Marcus Reugels stands above the rest with his photographs. The work that caught my attention features drops of water refracting the earth, or at least […]

My Grandma’s a Superhero! Meet Super Mamika


Well not really, but I bet my grandma can hold her own. This grandma, though, has got what it takes to dress up and pose as if she had superpowers. Last year, French photographer Sacha Goldberg released a set of photos featuring his Hungarian grandmother, Frederika, as a superhero ((Grandma’s Superhero Therapy)). Grandma Frederika, then […]