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Game of Thrones Cast on a Croatian Break [Photos]

Darn it, but we have to admit that the Game of Thrones cast are people, too, and they do deserve a break now and then. It still sucks that we have to wait till June 1 for the next episode, where we know that the highlight will be an epic battle between two characters which […]

10 Geeky Photo Mosaics

Geeky visuals alert! Check out these ten giant images made of hundreds (or thousands) of smaller images, aka photo mosaics.

Guess What’s In These Microscopic Photos

Photomicrographs are pictures taken at extreme close-up through a microscope. And I mean extreme. There are photos in this collection that are magnified to where you can see individual atoms. Bet you can’t guess what the everyday items are in these 12 photos.

Sneak Peek: Futurama Monopoly

A few days ago, the UPS man brought me an unexpected package. It was odd, because instead of giving me a standard UPS box or a nondescript cardboard box, this one was green and labeled “Planet Express.” Which could only mean one thing: it was a Futurama package! Here’s a complete photo gallery of what […]

X-Ray Photos Becomes Art

Nick Veasey takes photography a step farther, taking x-ray photos of all kind of objects. He came with the idea years ago when he wanted to find a Pepsi can with a ring-pull prize of £100,000 inside a truck, full with thousands of Pepsi cans. He did not find the prize but he discovered his […]

10 Cool Sony Walkman photos – celebrate Walkman's 30th birthday

Happy 30th birthday Sony Walkman. You might’ve lost out a lot to the iPod but I’ll never forget your chunky cassette playing ’80s magic or your “can’t play the last track on a really full CD” Discman. So, by way of small celebration here are ten images inspired by your greatness. 1. Hard-wired SonyEricsson Walkman […]

The Human Printer: unique artwork from photos

Following on from Martin Wilson’s 35mm sequential film art and the incredible Rubik’s Cube stop frame animation, here’s Louise Naunton Morgan’s amazingly painstaking work that makes my brain boggle.

Graffiti Girls, sexiness in a spray can.

Graffiti Girls is a new (community) blog launched from a Flickr pool. The concept is simple: sexy girls with graffiti painted on. I wonder if this the (censored) Hip-Hop variant of Suicide Girls is. Photo credit: graff hunter.

What Geeks I Do On Vacation

Today is the start of my 5-day vacation at the beach. I have been planning on this for months and now that I am actually here, it seems a bit surreal. But you know what? I am having the time of my life. I just realized something though? I seem to be doing things a […]