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Disney Takes on Skylanders with ‘Disney Infinity’

If you’ve been sitting on your hands, waiting with baited breath for Disney to come up with a new way to separate you from your money, rejoice! Your dream has come true, thanks to the irresistible-looking Disney Infinity.

Review: LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean

Fans of Traveler’s Tales Games will be happy to know that their adorably magical LEGO video game formula is firmly intact in LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean, the developer’s ninth game based on a franchise external to LEGO. After eight games, you might think they have nothing new to add to this mix, but you’d […]

When Pirates and Star Wars Collide

Movie buffs have been raving about the latest installment of Pirates of the Caribbean franchise – is it really that good? I haven’t had the time to go to the movies (although Ze Big Fat Panda just might get me out of my lair this weekend), but here’s a good enough alternative – a mashup […]

LEGO Pirates Goodness

Man, I’m such a sucker for the LEGO games. I know they’re totally formulaic and never bring anything new or different to the medium. But doggone it if they don’t reel me in with their addictive, silly fun every single time. A brand new trailer for LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game has […]

First ‘LEGO Pirates’ Screens & Trailer

TT Games and Disney Interactive have released the first trailer for LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean, the latest LEGO game to emerge from the iconic company’s partnership with Disney. (I’m still waiting for LEGO Tron.) There’s no gameplay shown in the video, just what I’m guessing is probably part of the opening cinematic. But TT […]

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean

Now that Disney and LEGO have forged an alliance, a whole treasure trove of properties could potentially get the LEGO video game treatment, a la LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Batman. First up: LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean, which will accompany a new collection of branded Pirates LEGO brick sets taken from the film series. […]