11 Playsets I Want in Disney Infinity

I’ve been having a blast playing Disney Infinity for a few weeks now, but I can’t help daydreaming of Disney properties I hope they add to the game.

Disney Takes on Skylanders with ‘Disney Infinity’

If you’ve been sitting on your hands, waiting with baited breath for Disney to come up with a new way to separate you from your money, rejoice! Your dream has come true, thanks to the irresistible-looking Disney Infinity.

Movies R Fun: Pixar Does R-rated Movie Scenes

Every movie buff – no matter what degree your enthusiasm may be – will certainly attest to the fact that movies are fun. Sure, there are a lot of crappy movies out there that are not worth your time, but there are also more than a handful of movies that you will not mind watching […]

Review: Brave – The Video Game

Pixar’s had some great games-based-on-movies over the last few years, such as the stellar Toy Story 3 and Cars 2 games. Can the Brave video game continue the streak?

When Justice League Meets Pixar

Justice League enthusiasts may have their own criticisms about the artwork (may being the operative word), but they will probably fight tooth and nail to defend their favorites. One can’t deny, though, that there are so many talented people out there who can do justice to the artwork, maybe even take things one step further. […]

Pixar’s Next Epic

Pixar has posted the first full-length trailer online for Brave, which you can also watch on the big screen if you go see The Muppets. Given that everything Pixar creates is something special… What is Brave, and what’s it about?

12 Famous Cars Gone Pixar

What happens when Disney/Pixar’s Cars is mashed up with twelve famous movie and TV vehicles? Click through to find out.

Meet the Characters of Cars 2

I know a lot of people aren’t looking forward to Cars 2 as much as they do other Pixar films. And for good reason: Cars is primarily a franchise aimed at little boys. That said, I think the movie looks like a blast, what with its globe-trotting spy angle and another trademark Pixar eccentric cast […]

6 Heartwarming Minutes of Pixar

You don’t get much better than Pixar Animation Studios when it comes to tugging at the heartstrings, and here’s a 5.5 minute video to prove it. The fan-made compilation brings together the most memorable and powerful moments from 25 years of Pixar’s filmmaking, including both its big-screen blockbusters and all those wonderful short films.

All Excited About Cars 2 World Grand Prix Posters

Cars is arguably the best animated motion picture from Disney-Pixar. Who can’t help but love Mater, Luigi, and Guido? Of course, many a kid would go for Lightning McQueen in an instant, but the film is rife with other lovable characters. So, recently, the official announcement for Cars 2 was made, getting every fan out […]