6 Must Own Video Games for 2015 (So Far)

must own video games of 2015

Crazy to think it, but 2015 is halfway over. And while many developers like to wait until the last quarter of a year to usually drop their best games (the lineup for this Xmas season is insane), that does not mean this year has not already had some real triple-A titles. The must own games […]

Your Gaming Laptop Has Nothing on the PS4 Laptop

PS4 laptop

How much did you spend on your gaming laptop? Correct me if I’m wrong, but you’ve probably shelled out several thousands of dollars to ensure that your gaming experience doesn’t suffer the tiniest bit. I hate to burst your bubble, but here’s something way cooler than a regular gaming laptop: the PLAYBOOK 4, a PS4 […]

Can Xbox One Topple PS4’s Early Dominance?


  In the continuing next-gen console wars, there’s only been one winner so far. The PlayStation 4 outsold the Xbox One in January 2014 according to data from the National Purchase Diary (NPD Group), and although the NPD Group haven’t been specific about their figures, it’s rumoured that PlayStation 4 sales have been double those […]