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20 Years of Playstation In One Infographic

Reddit user Adiost gave tribute to 20 years of Playstation by making a cool infographic that shows us all the handhelds, consoles, and controllers that Sony has released under the Playstation brand. As of February 2014, the newest product to be announced is the PSVita Slim, but looking at all the new releases from the […]

Sony Shrinking the PS3 Again

At the Tokyo Game Show, happening now, Sony just took the wraps off of a brand new version of the PlayStation 3 that’s smaller, lighter — and costs more.

New PSN Exclusive: Rain

A boy becomes invisible, but he can be seen in the rain. Meet Rain, a new PlayStation Network exclusive just revealed at Gamescom.

E3 2012: PlayStation

Sony hauled out the big guns for its moment in the E3 spotlight, including major new IP (Beyond! The Last of Us!) and the latest titles from favorite franchises like God of War. They also had some surprising announcements.

PlayStation All-Stars to Battle Each Other

I’ve never gotten into fighting games. I get the appeal, it’s just not for me. I like some story meat on my games’ bones. But to each his own. For those who love a good brawl, Sony is prepping a scratch for that itch, starring many of your favorite PlayStation game characters.

Sony Announces PlayStation Vita’s 25 Launch Titles

The new handheld PS Vita launches on February 22nd in North America, and Sony has finally announced the complete game lineup that will be available that same day. It’s a very strong showing, with 25 titles planned for launch day, and more than 100 games currently in development.

PlayStation Home Getting Major Redesign

When I heard the news that Sony is redesigning PlayStation Home from the ground-up, my first thought (like probably many of yours) was… People actually play that? Sony must feel the same, because this overhaul is bringing some significant upgrades that all kinds of gamers will appreciate.

PSVita Release Date Announced

The PlayStation Vita, Sony’s next-gen PSP handheld, is coming, with all its high-tech new bells and whistles. Would you like to know when?

E3: Sony Shows Off “PSVita” & 3D TV

PSVita. That’s the name Sony has given to its PlayStation Portable successor. And let’s just say that the name has been met with less enthusiasm than the device itself — which looks pretty darn great. Sony also showed off footage and demos from their hottest upcoming titles. But will 2011 always be Sony’s year of […]

Sony Launching 2 Gaming Tablets

Perhaps trying to take the focus off of the colossal disaster currently happening over on PSN, Sony today announced that a pair of tablets dedicated gaming are being added to the “PlayStation Certified” line-up of products. The “Sony Tablets” will join the Xperia Play telephone as part of this product line, which will primarily play […]

Sony Reveals the PSP’s Successor

Following months of speculation and insider leaks, Sony at last unveiled its follow-up to the PlayStation Portable. It’s codenamed “NGP” (next-generation portable), which I can only assume means that Sony isn’t planning on calling it the “PSP2.” The new device is a powerhouse of hardware, with tons of cutting-edge features packed into its sleek, stylish […]

PlayStation Wants to Reward Hardcore Users

In 2011, Sony is going to reward players for being mega-fans, through a new “PlayStation Rewards” program. The overall concept sounds a bit like PlayStation Plus, just without having to pay for it. But Sony insists it’s more than that. The program is going to reward players based on user rankings of “Select,” “Pro,” and […]

Is the PSP2 a Phone?

The PlayStation Phone is real. It’s seemed like such an obvious thing, for so long, that tech-heads have been expecting it for years. After all, with the iPhone proving that smartphones can also be powerful gaming devices, why wouldn’t Sony engage in some corporate synergy between its Ericsson and PlayStation divisions? Thanks to Engadget, we […]

PlayStation is 15 Years Old

Did you own an original PlayStation? Did you buy it when it first came out? If so, be aware: you’re dating yourself. The PlayStation 1 has turned fifteen years old. Can you believe it? Since 1995, Sony has sold more than 377 million PS1s, PS2s, and PS3s. I mean, look at the big plastic buttons […]

Is the PSP2 imminent?

England’s MCV magazine is reporting that Sony might be planning to make a surprise announcement (which would be less so now, I suppose) at next month’s E3: the PSP2. Now that the iPad is bringing high-def handheld gaming to the masses, Sony has to be feeling the pain with its low-def PlayStation Portable. Then there’s […]

Digital Soaps At Etsy

How attached are you to your electronic gadgets? I bet that a day does not go by without you fiddling around with at least one of your gadgets. I’d even go as far as to say that not an hour goes by without you having the need to check or use your phone, your laptop, […]

Much awaited PS3 2.40 update released… then recalled

Yesterday, the Playstation 3’s much-awaited firmware update was finally released… for a few hours. The new update, v2.40, was THe update that would bring in more accessibility to the XrossMediaBar (XMB), allowing people to actually access it in-game, slight tweaks to the PlayStation Store, tweaks to the DVD and Bluray playback capabilities, and the piece […]