E3 Expo 2015 On-Site Sneak Peek

The doors to E3 Expo 2015 don’t open to the press and industry-types until Tuesday, but when they give us the opportunity to pick up our badges a few days in advance, we couldn’t help but spend a few moments to poke around and take pictures. Yes, most of the pictures were taken outside, primarily due to the fact that very serious gentlemen in very serious looking black suits forbade anyone from taking shots on the lobby floors. But who could stop us from snapping a few pics of the banners in the halls and outside the convention center?

What we can’t show you (yet) are lifesized statues of Halo’s Masterchief, the Xbox stage, and one of the vehicles from possibly this summer’s best film, Mad Max, which is also getting a video game (not surprisingly). From the looks of things outside, Playstation is offering up fans the opportunity to play Star Wars Battlefront and MLB15 the Show without actually walking inside the convention center. Whether it’s open to the public or just available to those with badges, I’m going to bet the lines will be long for all 3 days of the event.

Expect big announcements from all of the major console makers and development studios, including a few surprises along the way, starting tonight in Hollywood with Bethesda’s first ever E3 showcase (Fallout 4 is hitting shelves November 10, 2015), but here’s a list of links for E3’s official video coverage of each media event for Monday and Tuesday, courtesy of Gamespot:

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Watch for more news and images from E3 Expo 2015 all this week!

20 Years of Playstation In One Infographic

Reddit user Adiost gave tribute to 20 years of Playstation by making a cool infographic that shows us all the handhelds, consoles, and controllers that Sony has released under the Playstation brand. As of February 2014, the newest product to be announced is the PSVita Slim, but looking at all the new releases from the past few years, we can’t wait to find out what’s next. Check out the full infographic here:


(Via Reddit)

E3 2012: PlayStation

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PlayStation All-Stars to Battle Each Other

I’ve never gotten into fighting games. I get the appeal, it’s just not for me. I like some story meat on my games’ bones. But to each his own.

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