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Pong with a twist

Remember Pong? It was pretty much the first video game like, ever. A company called Hype For Type has updated the classic game for the iPhone, with a clever twist. Meet TypePong: it works just like the original, only now, your paddle is a letter from a font. And you can choose your font for […]

Tabletop Pong: turning a classic video game into reality

What happens when you try to turn the classic arcade game PONG into a real life tabletop game? Evil Mad Scientist has done just that and come up with Tabletop Pong. It’s a definite work in progress, but you can read the fascinating journey including photos and descriptions of the construction process. Check out the […]

Pong: Retro video game meets latest browser technology

There have been plenty of implementations of Pong over the years, given how long this retro video game has been around and how popular this simple content still is. Playing Flash versions in a browser window is old hat, so how about using the browser windows themselves as the ball and bats? That’s what the […]

Incredible "history" of retro video games

Do you know how Tetris, Arkanoid, Pong, Super Mario and Sonic were created? Amusement Magazine has the answer, it seems, with some stunning high resolution imagery of the fixtures and fittings required for each game.