10 Awesome Portal Fan Films

Few video games franchises have inspired as many fan films as Portal. Something about the pathos of the wickedly insane A.I. GLaDOS struck a nerve with geeks everywhere. Here are 10 of the very best Portal fan films.

Valve’s Epic Gift from Weta Workshop

The folks down at New Zealand’s Weta Workshop must be huge Portal fans. ‘Cause you’re not going to believe what they just sent to Portal maker Valve Software.

Check Out ‘Aperture: Lab Ratt’ Portal Fan Film

Portal and Portal 2 have inspired many a fan film, but this one looks like something very unique. It’s just a trailer for now, but it distinguishes itself from the pack with a distinctive art house vibe.

The Games of 2011 — In LEGO

This two-minute video highlights fifteen of the biggest games of 2011, by recreating them in LEGO animation. And it’s nothing but awesome.

Odes to a Companion Cube

Is there another character or object in modern video games that inspires devotion like Portal‘s Weighted Companion Cube? Here’s how some fans have expressed their adoration for the grey box of love.

I’m In Love With This ‘Portal’ Short Film

Wow. I mean seriously… wow! You’ve got to watch this 7-minute live action film that easily rivals anything Hollywood has to offer. No one’s ever managed to make a compelling movie out of a videogame, but this indie short takes ‘em all to school and proves that it can be done.

Who Took Down PSN?

In a situation that for gamers is quickly growing to “Who shot JFK?” proportions, the PlayStation Network (PSN) — Sony’s answer to Xbox Live — was effectively killed by an external source sometime last Thursday, forcing Sony to completely rebuild the entire system. That’s five long days without the PlayStation Store and PS3-exclusive MMOs, which […]

11 Games to Watch in 2011

Everybody has their favorites. Any good list of upcoming games ought to include triple-A titles like Diablo III or Call of Duty 37 (or whatever CoD is sure to be out by year’s end). But this ain’t that kind of list. These are the top eleven games I can’t wait to see in 2011 — […]

This Week’s Best Game Vids

It’s that time again. Pull up a chair, throw an extra log on the fire, and pour yourself a cuppa, ’cause we gonna watch us some killer new game trailers and dev diaries. Let’s start with a new look at Portal 2. This week Valve is showing off this pre-rendered CGI trailer that unveils the new […]

Portal 2 Vids Taste Like LSD

Presented today for your viewing enjoyment: a gaggle of Portal 2 trailers and demos that will “expand your mind.” (If you know what I mean.) Seriously, if you can watch all of these, and still walk in a straight line and touch your forefinger to your nose… then, well… you must not be watching it […]