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Car Lovers Need This Filmography of Cars Poster on Their Walls

It’s no secret that we at ForeverGeek love our cars. Whether they’re LEGO cars or animated cars, it doesn’t matter. We just love looking at nice-looking automobiles. If you feel the same way, then this Filmography of Cars poster should be hanging on your walls. We understand that the image is not large enough for […]

Hotline Miami Masks Posters You Can Unlock In Real Life!

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number is slated to be released this 2014 but many fans of the first game are still trying to unlock all the available masks. Designer Danny Rutledge has a fix for you. Sort of. He created a series of Hotline Miami Masks posters that showcases all of the masks you can unlock […]

80s Movies: Stained Glass Posters by Van Orton Designs

If you ask us what the best and geekiest films are, we’ll give you a list of 80’s movies. No question. Twin brother designers from Van Orton Design paid homage to these iconic movies by creating stained-glass digital movie posters of Back to the Future, Blade Runner, Batman, and more! Head on over to Van […]

Superhero Wanted Posters

They say that putting up posters on the wall is for teenagers, but who says you can’t still do so even though it’s been ages since you celebrated a birthday with a “teen” at the end of your age? Fan posters, especially those that involve you in the creative process, are always great conversational pieces […]

12 Eye-Popping Star Wars VII Posters

We’re still over a year-and-a-half away from Star Wars: Episode VII, but check out these 12 fan-made posters for the film. Each one is a stunningly gorgeous work of art.

50 Awesome LEGO Movie Posters

When you put LEGO and movies together, something magical happens. This huge collection of LEGO movie posters proves it.

20 Man of Steel Fan-Made Posters

Man of Steel is about to reboot the legend of Superman, and the incredible visuals in the trailers has already inspired some amazing fan art. Check out these fake Man of Steel movie posters that look as good as the real thing.

Start the Week Right with New Game of Thrones Character Posters!

Two months into the year, and I have finally put up my A Song of Ice and Fire 2013 calender with art by Marco Simonelli. I am enjoying the original artwork based on the book series, but I wouldn’t mind having another calendar featuring the characters of HBO’s A Game of Thrones. And speaking of […]

When Superheroes Go Noir

Some people just like it dark, and if you’re that type, you’ll appreciate the work of Marko Manev, a mixed media artist, comic artist, writer, freelance graphic designer, and illustrator all rolled into one. He has drawn up a bunch of superhero posters, but they are not your usual colorful, eye-popping artwork. Marko calls his […]

This Is How the Sound of the Dialup Looks

If you’re a teenager, the chances are that you won’t perceive this post as anything but a relic. Back in our day, the dialup modem was our best friend. The distinctive sound it made as it connected to the Internet was music to our ears, in spite of the 56.0 kbps speeds that we got. […]

Minimalist Disney Posters

Disney is part of practically everyone’s childhood. Many may even say that Disney continues to be part of their life, no matter what age bracket they fall under. And there’s nothing surprising about that. While many Disney classics were meant for children, there is always that child inside of us that never fails to fall […]

These Children’s Stories Minimalist Posters Will Delight the Kid in You

We all had our favorite bedtime stories when we were kids. I suppose that even as adults, those bedtime stories of old still evoke a feeling of warmth and comfort. In the most general sense, these children’s stories make us feel good. Yeah, I believe that there is a kid inside each one of us. […]

Minimalist Posters of Six Kick-ass Female Scientists

Six women. A couple are household names. Some may not ring a bell. One thing is for sure: they all changed our lives one way or another. Oh, and they all kick butt. Tumblr user Hydrogene has created minimalist posters of six female scientists who held their own in their respective fields. Nay, they more […]

Minimalist Sigils of the Houses of Westeros Poster

Because more often than not, simple is beautiful. That is not to say that the sigils and heraldry of the world of Game of Thrones cannot be majestically intricate. We’ve seen many renditions of the sigils of the houses of Westeros – both online and offline – and the decision to go minimalist is not […]

Check Out Harshness’s Awesome Posters and Win a Poster of Your Choice!

Who thinks that posters on the walls are still cool? There may be some people who think that putting up posters is something that only teenagers do, but what if you had one of these? I don’t know about you, but call me whatever name you want. If I had this poster, I would not […]

Minimalist ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Posters

We’re just over a month away from The Dark Knight Rises, people. A month! To tide us all over — or stir us into a depraved frenzy — here are 20 minimalist fan-made posters dedicated to the film.

20 Fan-Made Avengers Movie Posters

It’s Avengers week at ForeverGeek! All week long, we’re celebrating the impending arrival of the long-awaited Avengers movie with articles and special features dedicated to Marvel’s premiere team of superheroes. First up, take a look at 20 awesome fan-made movie posters.

LEGO Avengers Poster May Send You to Geek Heaven

I know it’s just the Avengers movie poster with the actors cut out and LEGO minifigs stuck in. I shouldn’t love it as much as I do. But I admit it: seeing this makes me ten kinds of giddy! And there might even be a way to get your hands on one…