X-Men Minimalist Posters

The X-Men may not be the main thing on your mind this Monday morning, but I am pretty sure that these X-Men minimalist posters will keep you busy for a while. We got a tip from the creator of the posters, and while we don’t post everything that is brought to our attention, I think […]

Art Deco Superhero Posters

Superheroes have been portrayed in every possible light, with artists even creating mashups of superheroes and Angry Birds. We have also seen the superhero-asterisk combination, not to mention a grandma living her superhero dream. Just when I thought that I would not see anything new and interesting about superhero art any time soon, I discovered […]

10 Superman ‘Man of Steel’ Movie Posters

At this moment, director Zack Snyder is busy reinventing Superman on the big screen, with actor Henry Cavill in the red and blue. In a complete break from past continuity, The Man of Steel will present a new telling of Superman’s origin story. Our Dark Knight Rises fan-made poster gallery was a big hit, so here’s […]

Game of Thrones Minimalist Posters

How fares your Game of Thrones addiction? Has it waned after weeks and weeks of no new episodes, or has it gotten even stronger because of your desire to see more? Have you turned to reading the books after discovering this wonderful thing of a story? (I am sure George R.R. Martin is appreciating the […]

Back to the Future Posters by Dave Williams

For the children of the 80s, the Back to the Future Trilogy is definitely at the top of our favorite movies list. And why not? This comedic science fiction series written by Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis made us dream of being able to do whatever it is we want – even going back in […]

Minimalist Movie Posters

Less is always more. Don’t believe me? Take a look at these movie posters by artist Matt Owen. He uses an iconic image that’s central to the film to create posters that brilliantly sum up what the whole thing’s about with just a few colors and shapes. Most of his posters come from 80s movies, […]

The Only Superpowers Chart You’ll Ever Need

I just got done watching X-Men Origins: Wolverine and The Dark Knight for the nth time. As is usually the case with mutant and superhero movies, I found myself reading up and thinking about superpowers – what I would want to have, why, and so on. You know how the mind wanders… Then I saw […]

15 Amazing ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Posters

The art of the fan-made poster is alive and well. Talented artists have been making fake posters for The Dark Knight Rises practically since the moment The Dark Knight ended. But since then, we’ve learned the title of the third movie (meh) and who the film’s stars and new characters will be (Bane! Catwoman!). These […]

The Dark Knight Rises Fan-Made Posters

Update: Check this post for the Dark Knight Rises poster. Last week Robin posted about the villains that are going to be featured in The Dark Knight Rises and who was cast for the roles. Bane starring Tom Hardy and Catwoman starring Anne Hathaway will be The Dark Knight nemesis in the third movie. I’m […]

Tron and Tron: Legacy Posters

I have to confess that I never saw Tron and was not aware of its existence until the buzz about Tron: Legacy started. Now that Twitter is filled with comments by people who saw Tron Legacy, my interest has been piqued. Meanwhile a lot of video clips and fan art are showing up making it […]

500 Worst Passwords

If you are a geek or a nerd chances are small to non-existent that you have a common password for all your online accounts. Not the same can be said about non-tech people. I remember when Gmail was released and how many accounts where hacked due to people using the “secret” question of their pet […]

Tron Legacy Billboard #4 Released

Tron Legacy continues to amaze. After both trailers were nothing less than ‘open mouth and WOW!’ moments, the billboards are just as amazing. And they seem to tell a story. Yesterday Yahoo released the fourth billboard, the first one featuring the new off-road light car. Here they are all four, in chronological order. Click through […]

Interesting Flight of the Conchords art work

Tyler Stout has created amazing art work in the past for bands and movies. His new posters for the Flight of the Conchords tour are no exception to this. More at Stout’s website. Via Superpunch.