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Flying saucer projector

Okay, so it doesn’t actually fly, but it sure looks like a flying saucer, don’t you think? It even has little fold-out landing legs! (Actually, I think maybe it was separated at birth from this thing from Star Wars. Or maybe one of those robots from WALL-E? But I digress.) This is in reality the […]

Light Touch: Project a touch screen onto any flat surface

We’ve seen gadgets that can project a keyboard onto a desk and allow users to type on it, but this idea from Light Blue Optics will create an entire touchscreen on any flat surface. The Light Touch is an interactive projector that creates a 10-inch touch screen and has many application possibilities. It uses holographic […]

Feeling strong? Strap on a projector and take your gaming to the streets

I’ve just been sent this great video which shows the Extreme Gamer strapping on a PS3 Slim and an Epson EH-TW450 high definition video projector and then taking to the night streets to play Need for Speed. You’d have to be pretty strong to do this, as not only do you have the weight of […]

Benq Offers Black Friday Discount for the GP1

Earlier in the year, we posted about the Benq GP1, an ultraportable LED projector which came out in the market this June. I actually have this projector (thanks to Benq), and I must say I’ve found it very useful when going to clients’ offices for presentations. It’s lightweight, quite bright, and simple enough to use. […]