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Sony, Microsoft Both Claiming Victory in Early Console Wars

They were both released in November within days of each other, and both have launched to undeniable success, quickly selling in excess of a million units . They are the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the two newest consoles from Microsoft and Sony, and each company is claiming victory in the early going of the […]

The 10 Things We Know About the PlayStation 4

The biggest news at Sony’s big PlayStation 4 unveiling event might have been what they didn’t reveal. No look at the console itself. No pricing. But here are the ten big things we did learn.

PS4 could use a modified Cell Engine

Respected technology writer Hiroshige Goto of Impress Watch recently wrote about the Playstation 4 in his column. Goto claims that Sony has begun studies on the possiblity of employing the present Cell Broadband Engine, the same processore used on the Playstation 3, for their next gen console. He said that although Sony could change its […]