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The Walking Dead: Episode 3 Out This Week

Episode 3 of Telltale Games’ brilliant video game series based on The Walking Dead comic book is out this week. Here’s where and when to find it, along with some spankin’ new screens.

New PSN Exclusive: Rain

A boy becomes invisible, but he can be seen in the rain. Meet Rain, a new PlayStation Network exclusive just revealed at Gamescom.

Breathtaking ‘Journey’ Fan Art

In case you’ve been living on another planet: The game of the moment is PS3-exclusive Journey, thatgamecompany’s eerily beautiful adventure that’s captivating players everywhere. Some fans are so inspired, they’re committing art. Check out these 10 pieces of incredible Journey fan art.

Sony Launches Its First “Only On PSN” Game Program

Looks like PlayStation Network is finally ready to compete with Xbox Live for real. Sony just announced a month-long “Only On PSN” initiative. Tell me if this sounds familiar: a selection of premium download-only titles, with new releases coming out every week over the next month. Details inside.

More Game Companies Hacked

First, there was the PSN über-meltdown. Either an extremely evil person tried to get their hands on all those users’ credit card information, or some smart aleck thought it would be a good idea to teach Sony a lesson about security measures by obliterating their entire network. Afterwards, another arm of the company, Sony Online […]

E3 2011 Predictions

E3 is just two weeks away! Can you believe it? What delicious (and what vaporware) delights will E3 2011 bring to gamers? What surprises do Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony have in store for their pre-E3 media extravaganzas? What games will walk away from the week with the heaviest buzz? It’s impossible to predict what secrets […]

PSN Returns – With Free Goodies

In case you hadn’t heard, PSN is back. At least for North America and Europe anyway, nearly one full month after the online system was compromised and Sony was forced to pull its plug, most of PSN’s services have returned. (We’re still waiting on the PlayStation Store, but nearly everything else is back.) To encourage […]

Sony Giving I.D. Theft Insurance to PSN Users

Another day… and still no PSN. With Sony’s investigation into the cyber attack that took down PlayStation Network still ongoing, the electronics giant has revealed some details about the “Welcome Back” package that all PSN users will soon be receiving. Among Sony’s gifts to woo you back to PSN: $1 million in identity theft insurance […]

Who Took Down PSN?

In a situation that for gamers is quickly growing to “Who shot JFK?” proportions, the PlayStation Network (PSN) — Sony’s answer to Xbox Live — was effectively killed by an external source sometime last Thursday, forcing Sony to completely rebuild the entire system. That’s five long days without the PlayStation Store and PS3-exclusive MMOs, which […]

Do You Play PlayStation Home?

Today Sony upgraded PlayStation Home — the HD online virtual space where you can interact with other gamers and play casual games — to version 1.5, with some big enhancements. This news got me thinking… What’s the point of PlayStation Home?

A Noire Adventure for PS3

PlayStation 3 owners: here’s a little title you probably haven’t heard of but need to know about. It’s called Red Johnson’s Chronicles, and it’s a downloadable title coming to PSN on Tuesday, April 19th. From French developer Lexis Numérique comes this story-driven noire adventure, a wicked tale of murder in a corrupt Metropolis. You play as […]

The Wonderful World of Amanita Design

If quirky titles like Limbo turn you on, you’re going to want to get to know Amanita Design, a tiny developer from the Czech Republic. They make the kind of games that Tim Burton or Terry Gilliam or Roald Dahl would play: point-and-click surrealist adventures. In 2009, after a series of small, free-to-play-online titles, Amanita […]

Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime Coming in March

Atari has announced that Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime, the new top-down game (a la Lara Croft: Guardian of Light) in the franchise, will launch on March 23rd. Xbox Live and PlayStation Network gamers will be able to download the game that day for a yet-to-be-determined price. Sanctum of Slime is a follow-up to the original […]

PlayStation Wants to Reward Hardcore Users

In 2011, Sony is going to reward players for being mega-fans, through a new “PlayStation Rewards” program. The overall concept sounds a bit like PlayStation Plus, just without having to pay for it. But Sony insists it’s more than that. The program is going to reward players based on user rankings of “Select,” “Pro,” and […]

Killzone 2 map packs aimed for April 30 release

The first downloadable content for the Playstation exclusive hit Killzone 2 si coming out in a couple of weeks. Guerrilla Games anounced that two new downloadable map packs will be made available on the Playstation Network on April 30. The new maps will be called Steel and Titanium. The first map is located on board […]