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E3 2012: PlayStation

Sony hauled out the big guns for its moment in the E3 spotlight, including major new IP (Beyond! The Last of Us!) and the latest titles from favorite franchises like God of War. They also had some surprising announcements.

Sony Announces PlayStation Vita’s 25 Launch Titles

The new handheld PS Vita launches on February 22nd in North America, and Sony has finally announced the complete game lineup that will be available that same day. It’s a very strong showing, with 25 titles planned for launch day, and more than 100 games currently in development.

PSVita Release Date Announced

The PlayStation Vita, Sony’s next-gen PSP handheld, is coming, with all its high-tech new bells and whistles. Would you like to know when?

PS Vita: Not This Year

Hope you’re ready to settle in and wait a while before getting your hands on Sony‘s successor to the PSP, because it ain’t arriving until next year. Christmas this year will be conspicuously “next-gen handheld” free, despite earlier statements from Sony that the PSV would be on sale this holiday season. Except in Japan.

BioShock’s Future With Sony & Nintendo

Irrational Games’ head honcho Ken Levine is offering some hints and explanations as to why his company is taking its BioShock brand to Sony’s new PlayStation Vita — but not to Nintendo’s Wii U. And whenever Levine speaks, the industry listens.

E3: Sony Shows Off “PSVita” & 3D TV

PSVita. That’s the name Sony has given to its PlayStation Portable successor. And let’s just say that the name has been met with less enthusiasm than the device itself — which looks pretty darn great. Sony also showed off footage and demos from their hottest upcoming titles. But will 2011 always be Sony’s year of […]