2012 Movies Carved Into Pumpkins

Let’s hear it for the movies of 2012! Talented pumpkin carvers are commemorating their favorite movies of the year in jack o’ lantern form. And here they are.

The Jack-O-Lanterns of 2011

Happy Halloween from ForeverGeek! Here are some of our favorite jack-o-lanterns carved and put on display by geeks like you — all from 2011.

9 Geeky Pumpkins

There sure are a lot of creative geeks out there. Here are some of the geek world’s pumpkins that were carved this year, for Halloween 2010. Space Shuttle Pumpkin Perhaps in honor of the pending retirement of the shuttle fleet? By Ernest Aguayo. V for Vendetta Pumpkin Nice dual celebration: Halloween and Guy Fawkes Day. […]

Awesome Halloween Pumpkin Carvings For Geeks

Who said geeks don’t celebrate Halloween? I am willing to bet a month’s salary (not much, I have to admit) that there will be countless Spocks, Darth Vaders, and other similar characters at parties this weekend. But have you ever thought of carving that pumpkin based on the current social media trends? I honestly haven’t, […]