Apple, when their popularity works against them

I love Apple products, I bought my first iBook early 2004 and have been a 100% Apple user since then. I even allow myself the OS X vs. Windows discussion now and then with friends. But since the iPod made Apple more mainstream then niche it has grown in users outside the hardcore longtime Apple […]

Why do we listen to thin-skinned Plaxo-quitting Stephen Fry?

It must be because celebrities bring a certain “cool” quality to social networks and microblogging services — cool in the way the mass of non-techies view things, at least — that we (the media) seem to pay so much attention to them. You see, even I’m writing about it, and I stopped following Stephen Fry’s […]

Girl falls asleep at tattoo studio… wakes up with 56 stars tattooed on face

A Belgian teen girl went to a tattoo parlour to have 3 little stars tattooed near her left eye. She fell asleep and woke up with 56 stars tattooed on her face. First lets put things straight: these tattoos look rather cute. BUT, no tattoo artist should accept to make facial body art on an […]

iPhone 3.0 GM, still a crippled device

Tomorrow, June 17th 2009, Apple servers will probably crumble under the huge amount of downloads when the iPhone 3.0 OS release is published. The hype around the new operating system for Apple’s Jesus phone is big. For the first time since the iPhone was released the phone will offer more standard features, features as we […]