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Redditor’s Clever D&D Themed Resume (for a “Nerdy” Cosmetic Company)

The job market in America is rough, especially for recent high school (or college) graduates with little-to-no relevant work experience. If you’re one of the many people competing for a handful of job openings or unpaid internships, you had better find a way to shine. That’s exactly what redditor Gallifrey63 did with her D&D inspired resume […]

If America Were Middle-Earth

Reddit user ‘Jvlivs’ created this hand-drawn map of the United States of America, in the style of JRR Tolkien’s Middle-Earth cartography maps from The Lord of the Rings.

Browseristas: If Browsers Were Fashionistas

Some time last year, I shared a simple infographic showing the link between women and web browsers. Remember Firefox, the woman who gets so deep under your skin that you can’t get rid of her in spite of all the flaws? Then there is Opera, who is slim, sexy, and yet tough at the same […]

Awesome Halloween Pumpkin Carvings For Geeks

Who said geeks don’t celebrate Halloween? I am willing to bet a month’s salary (not much, I have to admit) that there will be countless Spocks, Darth Vaders, and other similar characters at parties this weekend. But have you ever thought of carving that pumpkin based on the current social media trends? I honestly haven’t, […]

iReddit: iPhone users charged for privilege of accessing Reddit

I'm used to seeing plenty in the iPhone app store that I don't think warrants being charged for, so I'm not really surprised that Conde Nast has moved away from free apps - and Wired Product Reviews, both of which just repackaged existing content in an iPhone-friendly way - to charging for an app - iReddit - that lets you access Reddit.As you'd expect, the community has something to say about that. Fairly good-natured from what I've read, but then this isn't Digg.