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How Do You Do Bullet Time in Multiplayer?

The original Max Payne introduced the concept of bullet time to players, forever setting a new standard for “cinematic cool” in video games. But it was strictly a single-player mechanic, and for good reason — how do you slow down time in a multiplayer match in a way that works to one player’s advantage? Eleven […]

Max Payne Coming to iPad & iPhone!

Is it bad that I’m more excited about this than I am about Max Payne 3? The original Max Payne, by Remedy Entertainment, is being ported to iOS devices with an expected arrival within the next two months.

A New Alan Wake Game is Coming

Despite the image above… Remedy Entertainment says not to call their new game Alan Wake 2. They’re working on a new project that furthers the story of the criminally underplayed Alan Wake. Just what that new project is, they’re not saying, but they will say that it’s not DLC for the first game, and it’s not […]