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The 10 Most Annoying Star Wars Characters

With the release of The Phantom Menace in 3D to theaters, George Lucas has once again thrust Jar-Jar Binks upon the masses. But the wretched Gungan hardly has a monopoly on defacing the Star Wars universe. Here are ten characters at least as annoying as Jar-Jar — maybe even more so.

George Lucas Is Screwing With Star Wars Again

You’d think George had learned his lesson after all the changes he made to the Star Wars Trilogy’s “Special Editions,” and then again with the DVD releases. But it seems that Lucas still wasn’t satisfied, and had to go and change some small-but-significant things for the upcoming Blu-ray releases.

Star Wars Blu-ray Details

George Lucas just keeps milking his cash cow (to death), and we just keep drinking his milk(shake). I love mixed metaphors. Anyhow, Lucasfilm today announced that the entire Star Wars saga will arrive on high-definition Blu-ray on September 12th all over the world, except for North America, which will be getting it on September 16th. […]

The LEGO Emperor’s Arrival

When Jay Hoff decided to create a LEGO diorama of the Emperor’s arrival (from the beginning of Return of the Jedi), he wasn’t messing around. Hand-built to Minifigure scale, this mind-boggling MOC is comprised of 30,000 LEGO pieces, and utilizes almost 400 Minifigures. Perhaps most impressively, it’s built to Minifigure scale. The brilliance is in […]

Behind Vader’s Mask

Return of the Jedi would have you believe that when you take Darth Vader’s helmet off, you get a creepy, scabby Mr. Potato Head. But that was just Hollywood magic. Reality was way more interesting.