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Topher Grace Re-Edits Prequel Trilogy to Just 85 Minutes

Before a one-time-only audience of about 50 viewers, actor Topher Grace (Eddie Brock from Spider-Man 3) recently showed off his very own passion project: a re-cut version of the Star Wars prequels. Those who saw it say it was a significant improvement.

The 10 Most Annoying Star Wars Characters

With the release of The Phantom Menace in 3D to theaters, George Lucas has once again thrust Jar-Jar Binks upon the masses. But the wretched Gungan hardly has a monopoly on defacing the Star Wars universe. Here are ten characters at least as annoying as Jar-Jar — maybe even more so.

Star Wars Blu-ray Details

George Lucas just keeps milking his cash cow (to death), and we just keep drinking his milk(shake). I love mixed metaphors. Anyhow, Lucasfilm today announced that the entire Star Wars saga will arrive on high-definition Blu-ray on September 12th all over the world, except for North America, which will be getting it on September 16th. […]