You Are Not Warren Ellis, You Will Be Assimilated

Rick Remender; a writer for whom I have growing affection for his work with Doctor Voodoo, Avenger of the Supernatural, Uncanny X-Force and Secret Avengers; seems to have really trodden in it, in an almost perfect reverse of what I would call the Orson Scott Card Effect.

Losses And Gains

So, now we know. In the wake of the creator re-shuffle at Marvel, Rick Remender confirmed on Monday via Twitter that he is leaving the Uncanny X-Force and the Secret Avengers. With his departure, the former of the two will cease publication. With a full thirty-seven issues, it has been an enjoyable ride, combining the […]

What would you do?

With the shipment being a day late this week thanks to Labor Day, I thought I would focus on an intriguing series from the House Of Ideas. As much as I have criticised them in the past (not that it stops me reading every month, but could I call myself a true comics fan without […]