How Do You Do Bullet Time in Multiplayer?

The original Max Payne introduced the concept of bullet time to players, forever setting a new standard for “cinematic cool” in video games. But it was strictly a single-player mechanic, and for good reason — how do you slow down time in a multiplayer match in a way that works to one player’s advantage? Eleven […]

Max Payne Coming to iPad & iPhone!

Is it bad that I’m more excited about this than I am about Max Payne 3? The original Max Payne, by Remedy Entertainment, is being ported to iOS devices with an expected arrival within the next two months.

No Max Payne For You – Until May

Rockstar Games announced today that Max Payne 3 has been delayed from March to May. You may commence weeping.

I Want To Believe in Max Payne 3

…But I don’t. Not yet. I just don’t get the idea of taking a series that’s built on hard-boiled, noir-y darkness, and moving it to exotic, sun-soaked Brazil. What is Rockstar Games thinking with Max Payne 3?

Grand Theft Auto V is Real

Rockstar Games today made it official with the very first teaser trailer for Grand Theft Auto V. And here it is. The game introduces a brand new protagonist, set in “Vinewood,” which GTA fans will recognize as an version of an alternate Hollywood.

‘Max Payne 3′ Coming in March

After several bouts of extreme media blackout, Max Payne 3 is finally emerging from the shadows, and Rockstar Games is even ready to reveal a release date. Oh, and Max is defying his bullet-time roots this time by adding something previously unthinkable: multiplayer.

Why L.A. Noire is a Game-Changer

L.A. Noire, arriving May 17th, is raising the bar for storytelling in video games to an entirely new level. We’ve heard that kind of hyperbole before, but this time the hype matches the product. Because you have never, ever played a game like this before. I guarantee it.

Max Payne 3 Is Back – With Hair

Last year, Rockstar Games revealed that they were working on a return to the Max Payne franchise with an entirely new game engine and “many years later” approach to Max’s story. Max Payne 3 was shown off with some screenshots that showed Max having aged a eight years or so since the last game; he’d […]

GTA IV gets trophies

I’ve had Grand Theft Auto IV on my game library since July but I never even got to tear of the shrink wrap on the game up until a week ago. Which was a good thing in a way because Rockstar Games has announced that it will be patching GTAIV to include trophies. The new […]