6 Things We Cannot Wait To Experience in Fallout 4


When I heard the news about the Fallout 4 trailer and then saw it, my bowels gave out. That’s right. I was so excited I shit myself. I am not proud of it, but seeing the 400 hours I put into Fallout 3 and New Vegas, this genuine and overwhelming joy was completely justified. And […]

The 5 Greatest ‘Final Fantasy’ Summons

final fantasy summons

I grew up being a huge fan of old school Final Fantasy games. In my opinion, when it came to JRPG’s, you just couldn’t top the grandeur of the FF series. And one of the greatest things about this stellar series are the summons you can call on to aid you in battle. Some are […]

Earthlock: Festival of Magic – Classic Turn-Based RPG with a Couple of Twists

Earthlock 1

Editor’s Note:  This post is written by Erik Hoftun, Head of Snow Castle Studios, Producer, Earthlock: Festival of Magic.  It is quite an undertaking for a small studio like ours to take on such a big project as Earthlock. Why are we doing it? – Because the whole team really wants to make the game that […]

Role-Playing Games, Then And Now

Rolepplaying games then and now

Computer role-playing games have been among the earliest of genres to establish themselves in the games industry, but sadly also one of the most vulnerable and, perhaps, the genre that has been contorted the most over the years. Role-playing saw a real heyday during the 80s, when games like “The Bard’s Tale,” “Phantasie,” “Ultima,” “Wasteland” […]

Army of Me

Startopia Races

I already divulged my love for RPGs some months ago, and was pleased with the majority of your suggestions when I put out the call for decent RPGs my new big bastard, monster gaming machine could tackle. Well, the machine is a few months less new now, but it’s still a monster. I’ve tried your […]

Text, Glorious Text

MUD Screenshot

Recent demonstration of a typewriter hacked to play Zork made me nostalgic for the golden age of MUDs, text-based roleplaying games that were, and in my opinion still are, king in the world of actual roleplaying – in line after pen and paper, of course. MUDs (or any of the other MU* designations) were in […]

My Kingdom for a RPG

Might and Magic 7

I recently had a custom PC built. It’s a monster – and I mean, it breezes through any game on the market, even the newest releases, in highest graphics modes without a single problem. This is a dream PC. (Thank you, NewEgg, for making a machine that would’ve cost thousands cost far, far less by […]