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Gaming on a 20-Foot Screen

Fleet Commander is a student project by one Arthur Nishimoto, of the University of Illinois. Nishimoto has created an RTS (real-time strategy) game based on spaceships from Star Wars that’s played on a touchscreen the size of a wall. And there’s no limit on the number of people that can play it.

Army of Me

I already divulged my love for RPGs some months ago, and was pleased with the majority of your suggestions when I put out the call for decent RPGs my new big bastard, monster gaming machine could tackle. Well, the machine is a few months less new now, but it’s still a monster. I’ve tried your […]

Halo Wars Review – Xbox 360

Introduction There aren’t too many decent RTS games on this current crop of consoles, so it was no surprise that Halo Wars was destined to make a big splash – especially with the famous franchise name in the title. Set before the original trilogy, the game has you in command, in single player or cooperative, […]