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Star Wars Portraits

I have to admit that I am not the biggest Star Wars fan. In fact, I might be the worst – if I can even be called a fan at all. Still, when I saw these Star Wars portraits, I just had to take a second – even third – look.

Michael Cera is a Badass – Scott Pilgrim Vs The World Trailer Premieres

Boy there’s a sentence I never figured I’d write. First, let’s do a little backstory. I’m not a Michael Cera fan really, although I have seen most of his movies. He tends to play the same character in all of them – lovable doofus who falls in love and gets the girl. That’s why originally, […]

Stealth Geek: Adidas X-Wing Shoes

Back in December, we told you about a new line of Adidas gear designed for the Star Wars enthusiasts. Like some kind of wacky hot tub time machine, here we are in the future – 2010 – and some of the shoes are out. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any sign of the dope Stormtrooper or […]

Tron Legacy Trailer 2 Released

Apparently, I’m on trailer duty this week. First Iron Man 2, now the sequel to the cult classic Tron, Tron Legacy. The newest trailer is out now, and it’s definitely worth the 2:20 run time, because this movie brings me back. My first experience with Tron wasn’t in the theaters, it was at the local […]