6 Most Underrated Sci Fi Movies of Past Decade

underrated sci fi films

It seems when people talk about sci fi movies, they always talk about the same films. Star Wars, Star Trek, Avatar, Aliens, but there are a slew of hugely underrated sci fi movies that just seem to get ignored by everyone, and being such a huge fan of the genre for so long, I cannot […]

The X-Files Anniversary: Twenty Years of Loving ‘The FBI’s Most Unwanted’

X-files anniversary

  Big television anniversaries are being commemorated all over the net it seems. Doctor Who’s fiftieth will soon be upon us in November. Fringe just hit five. But September 10, 2013 was a pretty big anniversary in the realm of geek television as well, for this date marked twenty years since The Pilot for The […]

Accessorize This: Six Way Cool Wearable Gadgets from Sci-Fi TV


With all of the news concerning wearable gadgets such as Google Glass earlier this year, and now the buzz surrounding the recently released Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch (what a cool name), I couldn’t help but think about all of the neat gadgets in some of the science fiction shows that have aired on television in the […]

Fantastic Fan Guide to Five of Fall’s Most Awaited Genre Shows


Although cable seems to be the go-to for the most-watched shows these days, there’s a fantastic crop of exciting genre shows on network television this Fall. Any geek knows that there is a fine balance for these types of shows. There has to be enough mass appeal to bring in the ratings, but not so […]

Four Bad Robot Shows and Why They are Geekily Good


Say the name J.J. Abrams, and you’re likely to receive a variety of reactions from those in various parts of geekdom. Some folks consider him the slayer of all that is good and holy in the Star Trek universe, and they are more than glad to tell you about it… (“The Butcher of Vulcan.” Really?) […]

Sci-Fi Radio Theater

Sci-Fi Podcast

Looking for new sci-fi material to dig into? We’ve come across something that might catch your interest: Sci-Fi Radio Theater. This project is the baby of Charles Davis (you can call him international Internet man if you want) and Josie Corichi (an opera singer of all things!). If that combination does not intrigue you already, […]