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The X-Files Anniversary: Twenty Years of Loving ‘The FBI’s Most Unwanted’

  Big television anniversaries are being commemorated all over the net it seems. Doctor Who’s fiftieth will soon be upon us in November. Fringe just hit five. But September 10, 2013 was a pretty big anniversary in the realm of geek television as well, for this date marked twenty years since The Pilot for The […]

Accessorize This: Six Way Cool Wearable Gadgets from Sci-Fi TV

With all of the news concerning wearable gadgets such as Google Glass earlier this year, and now the buzz surrounding the recently released Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch (what a cool name), I couldn’t help but think about all of the neat gadgets in some of the science fiction shows that have aired on television in the […]

Fantastic Fan Guide to Five of Fall’s Most Awaited Genre Shows

Although cable seems to be the go-to for the most-watched shows these days, there’s a fantastic crop of exciting genre shows on network television this Fall. Any geek knows that there is a fine balance for these types of shows. There has to be enough mass appeal to bring in the ratings, but not so […]

Four Bad Robot Shows and Why They are Geekily Good

Say the name J.J. Abrams, and you’re likely to receive a variety of reactions from those in various parts of geekdom. Some folks consider him the slayer of all that is good and holy in the Star Trek universe, and they are more than glad to tell you about it… (“The Butcher of Vulcan.” Really?) […]

Check Out Bryan Singer’s Scifi Web Series

X-Men director Bryan Singer is cooking up something kinda groundbreaking: a sprawling, science fiction epic series made for the Internet. Why the Internet? Because it’s about a future where humans are hardwired to the ‘Net.

Asteroid Mining: Sci-Fi Economy Becoming Reality?

Asteroids can be good or bad, depending on how you look at them. If you’re an earthling looking at one hurtling through space in your direction, then you’re what “one would be if you were attached to another object by an inclined plane wrapped helically around an axis”. ((Screwed: Big Bang Theory)) On the other […]

Sci-Fi Radio Theater

Looking for new sci-fi material to dig into? We’ve come across something that might catch your interest: Sci-Fi Radio Theater. This project is the baby of Charles Davis (you can call him international Internet man if you want) and Josie Corichi (an opera singer of all things!). If that combination does not intrigue you already, […]

Science Fiction Suggestions From a Futurist

You probably have your own list of science fiction must-reads. While I am pretty sure that our lists will have some common titles, differences are also to be expected. And if you are still looking for suggestions on what science fiction title to pick up next, here is something that you might want to check […]

Weekly Poll: Favorite Scifi Universe?

Last week we picked your brain about your favorite fantasy world. This week, science fiction gets its day. What’s your favorite scifi universe, and why?

Star Trek Is Just Around the Corner

How much do you get into your favorite TV shows/movies? Chances are that you totally get immersed in the worlds the show present. At least I know I do, and if you take a look at forums and other venues where discussion abounds, a lot of other people do tend to get obsessed with certain […]

Flowchart for NPR’s Best Fantasy and Science Fiction Books

Remember the list that NPR published earlier this year? Titled “Your Picks: Top 100 Science-Fiction, Fantasy Books“, the list has caught the attention of every science fiction and fantasy enthusiast in the planet. And then some. If memory serves me correctly, there was even a question (or poll) going around on Facebook asking people to […]

I Bet You’ll Change Your Facebook Profile Pic NOW

Don’t you just miss Battlestar Galactica and everything else that comes with it? We may not be able to bring the series back – even the spin off, Caprica, was not enough for me to be honest – but there are little things in life that can help satisfy that yearning for what could very […]

The Hunger Games Sneak Peek

I recently finished the Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins, and I must say the story is one of the best I have read since I discovered George R.R. Martin many years ago. They are different genres, but Collins’ writing is riveting, to say the least. Let’s just say I finished the three books in […]

Get your very own Death Star (planetarium)

As children, those with children, and star gazers everywhere, a planetarium is a magical place.  The theater-style structure concerning all things astronomy and the night sky, typically takes the form of a large, dome-shaped, building with a projector and screen where stars, planets, and other celestial objects are visible, even moving in a realistic fashion […]

Back to the Future Posters by Dave Williams

For the children of the 80s, the Back to the Future Trilogy is definitely at the top of our favorite movies list. And why not? This comedic science fiction series written by Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis made us dream of being able to do whatever it is we want – even going back in […]

Google Doodle: Happy Birthday, Jules Verne!

It’s the day to pay homage to one of the greatest minds in science fiction: Jules Vernes. On this day, in 1828, Jules Verne was born in Brittany, France. Countless people owe him their first foray into the wondrous worlds of thousands of leagues under the sea, the center of the Earth, and much more. […]

Wins and Fails This Week in Geek v 12

Welcome to 2011! Does it feel different than twenty-ten? Regardless, some things never change: the first week of the new year’s brought plenty of wins and plenty of fails, and we’re here to recap the best of the best and the worst of the worst for you. Whether it’s urine-activated video games, elaborate medical hoaxes, […]

Battlestar Galactica: The Exhibition

If you ever needed a reason to pay Seattle a visit, here is one: Experience Music Project|Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame (EMP|SFM). To be honest, I had never heard of them till this morning. (How wonderful is the Internet?) The museum has a two-fold goal. EMP focuses on popular music – the creativity […]