“Shreddies”: Your Odorless Fart Underwear


There’s a lot of eye-popping underwear designed for geeks, including Pixel Panties (the world’s first 8-bit underwear. Then there’s the Nintendo controller bra, which no one in his right mind can resist. There’s no stopping creativity. Even when it comes to underwear. Today, I ran across this “revolutionary” odorless fart underwear called Shreddies. It’s not gamer-geeky […]

Scientists in Japan Create a Transparent Mouse

see through mice transparent

While a lot of us might ask “why,” scientists often say “why not?” In this case, scientists at the RIKEN institute (in collaboration with the University of Tokyo and the Japan Science and Technology Agency) in Japan found a way to make mice transparent. They look like this: So by “transparent” they mean see-though, not […]

If You Ever Want to Spy on Penguins, Get the Chick Rover

chick rover

I’m a huge fan of documentaries, and while I don’t watch one every day, when I start…well you know how that goes: an entire weekend of nothing but documentaries. Of course, when it comes to documentaries, penguins are right up there at the top of the list together with polar bears and sea lions. If […]

Defending Evolution Through Animation


My name Jon Perry, I’m an artist, I’m a science advocate, and I am the founder of Stated Clearly. At Stated Clearly we teach Genetics and Evolution through animations like this one here: Teaching Evolution The theory of evolution has been accepted by the scientific community for over 100 years now. It’s the foundation of […]

Science, Skin and Ink: The Best Science Tattoos

Science, Skin and Ink

The ForeverGeek crew – and readers – have this thing about tattoos. I think we’ve covered pretty much everything from electronic tattoos to superhero tattoos to QR code tattoos. And I am pretty sure that there are so many more cool tattoos out there. (Now there’s an idea to check out for an updated collection.) […]

New Symphony of Science: The Greatest Show on Earth

Symphony of Science

What is the greatest show on earth? Naturally, the answer would depend on what you think is great. If you like documentaries about nature, evolution, and the like, then you probably have watched more than your fair share of BBC documentaries. There is no arguing that the stuff that BBC produces is simply ace, especially […]