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Scientists in Japan Create a Transparent Mouse

While a lot of us might ask “why,” scientists often say “why not?” In this case, scientists at the RIKEN institute (in collaboration with the University of Tokyo and the Japan Science and Technology Agency) in Japan found a way to make mice transparent. They look like this: So by “transparent” they mean see-though, not […]

If You Ever Want to Spy on Penguins, Get the Chick Rover

I’m a huge fan of documentaries, and while I don’t watch one every day, when I start…well you know how that goes: an entire weekend of nothing but documentaries. Of course, when it comes to documentaries, penguins are right up there at the top of the list together with polar bears and sea lions. If […]

The Men In Black Memory Eraser Might Be Around the Corner

We’ve all been there. We’ve all done that. You know…things we have done that we wish we could wipe off our minds. Perhaps not with the feels that “The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” gave us, but more like that night you had a bottle of beer too many. Well, scientists at the UC […]

This Is Your Brain on Coffee [WATCH]

Coffee runs in my veins, and I am pretty sure that many of you will say the same thing. Unless you prefer wine or something else, that is. Admittedly, we at ForeverGeek love our coffee, and when science comes into the picture, we love it even more! Have you ever wondered about your brain on […]

Take A Peek Into The Far Future…

What’s in store for mankind in 1,000 years? Will we even be here? BBC Future put out an infographic detailing the likely events that will happen in the far future. If you’ve ever wondered about what scientists predict will happen to the Earth long after the last human is gone, then you should take a […]

Defending Evolution Through Animation

My name Jon Perry, I’m an artist, I’m a science advocate, and I am the founder of Stated Clearly. At Stated Clearly we teach Genetics and Evolution through animations like this one here: Teaching Evolution The theory of evolution has been accepted by the scientific community for over 100 years now. It’s the foundation of […]

Science, Skin and Ink: The Best Science Tattoos

The ForeverGeek crew – and readers – have this thing about tattoos. I think we’ve covered pretty much everything from electronic tattoos to superhero tattoos to QR code tattoos. And I am pretty sure that there are so many more cool tattoos out there. (Now there’s an idea to check out for an updated collection.) […]

New Symphony of Science: The Greatest Show on Earth

What is the greatest show on earth? Naturally, the answer would depend on what you think is great. If you like documentaries about nature, evolution, and the like, then you probably have watched more than your fair share of BBC documentaries. There is no arguing that the stuff that BBC produces is simply ace, especially […]

Scientists Invent Time Cloaking Device

Move over, Harry Potter! Your invisibility cloak is awesome. There is no denying that, but it only works to hide people or things that it covers. In our world, scientists have gone one step further and invented a time cloaking device! How mind-blowing is that? Physicists from Cornell University have made another step towards turning […]

Scientists Want to Bring Back Woolly Mammoths

Pleistocene Park, anyone? Scientists from Japan and Russia are close to being able to clone woolly mammoths. Did these people learn nothing from Michael Crichton? Woolly mammoths roaming freely in the Siberian tundra could give a whole new meaning to Attack of the Clones.

DNA Plushies for the Science Geek

Who doesn’t like plushies? They are, after all cute and cuddly, and they can serve so many purposes. Even though you may be an adult, plushies can still be fun. And they are even more fun when they represent something geeky, aren’t they? Having a teddy bear when you 20 plus or 30 plus is […]

Petri Dish Hamburger, Anyone?

I apologize upfront if some of you might get offended at some points which may be politically incorrect! You know how there are some groups who think that eating meat is inhumane because of the way the animals are bred and killed? I honestly think that the arguments are not enough to sway me, and […]

Embrace Death with the Mushroom Death Suit

No, I am not feeling morbid on this overcast Friday, but who can resist reading up on something called mushroom death suit? Inventor slash artist Jae Rhim Lee has taken on an immense project that crosses boundaries. On the one hand, she tackles the scientific aspect of training fungi to eat dead bodies. On the […]

Need a hug? Feel your own with Sense-Roid HugBot

Crave companionship?  Do you find yourself lacking in love and absent affection, or do you simply need a good hug?  Finally, thanks to Japanese robotics engineers, a hug will always be at the ready with the Sense-Roid HugBot.

What’s my age? Check my spit

Spitting to some, including yours truly, is disgusting.  That said, we’ve all sent saliva flying from our mouths at one point or another for a variety of reasons.  Some spit to display disdain, others spit when eating seeds of some sort, while many shun spitting altogether.  New scientific research however shows that spit may hold […]

20 Things You Didn’t Know About DNA (You Know You Want to Know!)

It’s just another geeky Monday, but I still wish it were Sunday! (Or Saturday for that matter. The weekend just swooshed by without me realizing it.) At least reading material abounds online which makes up for Mondays. Take this article title “20 Things You Didn’t Know About DNA” from Discover Magazine. ((Source)) Now, not everyone […]

Meowzers! Japanese mood-matching cat ear headset

If there’s one thing missing from this world it has to be electronic cat’s ears that perk up or flatten according to one’s mood.  Fortunately humanity no longer has to wait for such a splendid creation to arrive thanks to Japanese inventors.

Elements 114 and 116 Added to the Periodic Table

I think it’s time for periodic table enthusiasts to go back to the drawing board and update their creations. After three years of review, two new elements have finally been added to the periodic table. The elements, 114 and 116, remain to be formally named. However, they are currently being called ununquadium and ununhexium, respectively. […]

MacRecipes: How to Be Like MacGyver

Children of the 80s – how many times have you imagined yourself to be the MacGyver of your world, dashing into a volatile situation that seems hopelessly lost, only to save the day with your ingenuity? How many times have you sat there for seemingly endless hours thinking of ways to use duct tape and […]