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Man of Steel Eye Candy

The more I see of Man of Steel, the more excited I get. Feast your eyes on the incredible visuals from the film's latest trailer, with these 130+ screengrabs.

A Closer Look at ‘Elysium’

Director of District 9 Neill Blomkamp dropped the teaser trailer for his next scifi epic on us yesterday, and it looks incredible. Now take a deeper plunge into the world of Elysium with these 80+ high-res screengrabs. Elysium stars Matt Damon, Jodie Foster, and

100 Pacific Rim Trailer Screengrabs

I’m not doing this for every movie trailer that comes out, but this one is filled with so much glorious eye candy, I can’t pass it up. Man, it’s good to have Guillermo del Toro back at the movies, ’cause this Pacific Rim trailer is a knock-out.

80 Man of Steel Trailer Screengrabs

We’ve got ourselves a new Man of Steel trailer, and it’s full of first looks at lots of characters, as well as our first action scenes. Check out these high-res screengrabs, as well as my theory on the plot of the movie.

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Final Trailer + Screengrabs

You’ll see it in theaters this weekend attached to The Avengers (that irony could be article all its own), but why wait when you can watch the full-length, final trailer for The Dark Knight Rises right here, right now, along with 70+ high-res screengrabs!

New ‘Spider-Man’ Trailer: Okay, NOW I’m On Board

I’ve made no secret of my disdain for Sony rebooting the Spider-Man franchise so quickly after Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire’ trilogy came to an (unplanned) end. But after watching the new trailer for Marc Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man, I’ve finally found a reason to get excited about a new Spidey. Click through to watch the […]