50 New Images from Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor

Just released by BBC America, check out this gallery of 50 all-new images from Doctor Who: “The Day of the Doctor.” No spoilers here, just some tantalizing visuals to whet your appetite!

100 Pacific Rim Trailer Screengrabs

I’m not doing this for every movie trailer that comes out, but this one is filled with so much glorious eye candy, I can’t pass it up. Man, it’s good to have Guillermo del Toro back at the movies, ’cause this Pacific Rim trailer is a knock-out.

80 Man of Steel Trailer Screengrabs

We’ve got ourselves a new Man of Steel trailer, and it’s full of first looks at lots of characters, as well as our first action scenes. Check out these high-res screengrabs, as well as my theory on the plot of the movie.

Crysis 3 Shows Off Urban Swamps

Crytek released some new screenshots and concept art from Crysis 3 today, and they are predictably gorgeous, showing off an incredible urban sprawl that’s been reclaimed by nature.

First ‘Black Ops II’ Screenshots

It’s the near future. America’s enemies have “stolen the keys” to our defense grid. And someone is needed to save the day by doing “what others can’t.” Call of Duty: Black Ops is back… to the future.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron’s Dinobots Revealed

Four of the legendary Dinobots will appear in High Moon Studios’ upcoming Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, which is looking more epic every time I see it. Feast your eyes on all four of them in this screenshot reveal!

First Look at ‘Star Trek’ Co-op Game

Based on J.J. Abrams’ updated film series, Star Trek the video game will continue the adventures of the Enterprise crew as seen in the 2009 film. Not much is known about the game, but we can tell you that its main thrust is co-op, as you and a buddy play as young Kirk and Spock.

New ‘Dishonored’ Screens: Yup, Still Weird

Arkane Studios has just unloaded a huge collection of new screenshots and concept art from their first AAA title, Dishonored. And it’s just as bizarre looking as as ever.

A Look at ‘Quantum Conundrum’

Portal proved that there’s a market for (and maybe even invented) the “First-Person Puzzler” genre. Square Enix and Airtight Games (Dark Void) are talking up what sounds like the next big entry in this new category: Quantum Conundrum.

New ‘Last of Us’ Screens

Jack and Ellie are in for a tough time, if these latest screenshots from The Last of Us are any indication.