This Eye of Sauron Cake May or May Not Be Wedding-Appropriate

What happens when a geek proposes to the love of his life? You get an Indiana Jones engagement ring, handmade no less. (Of course, the nature of the ring will vary depending on the preferred story/character of the parties involved.) And when the geeky couple decides to take the leap and get married. What happens […]

10 Awesomely Geeky Cakes

Or geekily awesome. Either way works for me. Now, about cakes…there is something to be said about throwing flour and sugar together and then allowing the heat of the oven to turn the mixture into something that will make your mouth water. Of course, there is more to baking and decorating cakes than that, but […]

Get Inside Yoda's (Edible) Head

Some people have all the time (and creativity) in the world!  I remember posting an entry about Steve Jobs’ head – not the real one, but one made of cheese – earlier this year.  While the ingenuity of Ken has to be admired, I still do not think that the Cheesehead looked appetizing.  It didn’t […]