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Marvel At These Realistic Wood Sculptures Of Paper Objects!

My carving and sculpting skills are so non-existent that carving a tiny wooden block from a significantly larger one would take hours of tears and swearing. It’s when I see artists like Randall Rosenthal, who was able to carve blocks of wood to look like extremely lifelike sculptures of dollar bills, newspapers, and other paper […]

Be the Life – or Joke – of the Party With These Wearable Sculptures

What do you get when you combine architecture, clothing, and furniture? I am sure a thousand and one answers can be given to that question, but if you are artist Tracy Featherstone, you’ll say “wearable sculptures“! Truth be told, I admire Ms. Featherstone’s creativity and imagination. Even in my weirdest most creative moments, I would […]

Wooden QR Code Sculpture

QR codes are the new barcodes, and they have gotten popular rather quickly. From QR codes in tombstones to QR code tattoos – I thought we’d seen them all. Apparently, I was wrong. I just discovered a really cool wooden QR code sculpture, which says a lot about its creator, German artist Elena Belmann. ((Elena […]

Awesome Newspaper Sculptures

Do you find yourself attracted to all sorts of “weird” things? Of course, weird is a relative word. What may be weird to one person may be totally normal to another. That being said, here are some newspaper sculptures that I think have a weirdness to them. It is that kind of weird that you […]

LEGO Minifigure Skeleton

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. You’re looking at a LEGO minifig whose plastic “skin” has been peeled away so that you can see his insides.

Pencil Sculpture

Dalton Ghetti is no ordinary sculptor. He’s an artist who’s chosen a remarkably unique medium: the standard wood-and-graphite pencil. And you won’t believe he can carve out of them.

Scrap Metal Animals

Where does scrap metal goes when it dies? Technically, scrap metal is already dead, I think, as it is supposed to be the corpse of previously useful things. Then again, as the old saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. In the case of French artist Edouard Martinet, however, scrap metal is the […]

Optimus Prime in Ice

One might think that an Optimus Prime sculpture without the all the colors will be nothing more than blah, but I think that the creation of Atti and Michel de Kok will change your mind about that. This ice sculpture is quite representative of the ice cold calmness and nerves of steel that I associate […]

Freeze Yourself in Carbonite

Talented artist Paul Pape makes his living crafting three-dimensional sculptures on a custom-order basis. Most of his sculptures are for video game customers, and as you can see here, he’s done a lot of Miis and Xbox Live avatars, as well as some Sackboys and WoW creatures. But his latest item is so cool, it […]

Kevin Bacon Made Out Of Bacon

Now bacon fanatics can try to get a unique bacon item for their bacon collection; a Kevin Bacon bust made out of bacon and bacon bits. The life sized sculpture of Kevin Bacon’s face was created to be auctioned off on Ebay for a charity cause. Another surprising and unorthodox art piece, although can art […]

Real Life Looking Pac-Man Sculpture

Art based on video games is something that won’t get boring. No two art pieces are the same and with creativity you can go a long way. Artist Kalapusa created a real life looking Pac-Man sculpture representing his view on how Pac-Man would look like with his age taken in account.

The Bees Sculpture

Dutch designer Tomáš Gabzdil Libertiny created a sculpture of Jesus as martyred Christ ricing form chaos. The sculpture is made of a laser sintered framework. The sculpture was then placed in a case made of glass sheets on top of two wooden beehives which grants worker bees access to the sculpture. About 40.000 worker bees […]

The Best Use of Louis Vuitton Products You'll See All Week

There’s something totally wrong about Louis Vuitton and it’s not particularly the price tag. Who cares about price tags when there’s Dubai and hopefully soon Marvel Land or the huge amount of counterfeit articles making LV accessible to anyone who wants to inflate their own ego with some cheap fashion. The main problem with LV […]

Life-size Wooden Spacecraft Sculptures

I like art, not the “Frasier” kind of like art but I now and then see paintings in display when walking pass by galleries that I would like to have. So I’m always delighted to see some new kind of art. A while ago I wrote about Mario Bros. La Pietà sculpture. A great example […]

Forget pencils, use graphite sculptures instead

It might be strange to include something on Forever Geek that doesn’t require electricity and isn’t remotely “techie”, but these graphite objects are worth taking note of. Not only are they attractive, but the manufacturing process is clever because, despite the fact they’re solid graphite, your hand won’t get covered in smudges while you use […]