Marvel At These Realistic Wood Sculptures Of Paper Objects!


My carving and sculpting skills are so non-existent that carving a tiny wooden block from a significantly larger one would take hours of tears and swearing. It’s when I see artists like Randall Rosenthal, who was able to carve blocks of wood to look like extremely lifelike sculptures of dollar bills, newspapers, and other paper […]

Be the Life – or Joke – of the Party With These Wearable Sculptures

Wearable Sculptures

What do you get when you combine architecture, clothing, and furniture? I am sure a thousand and one answers can be given to that question, but if you are artist Tracy Featherstone, you’ll say “wearable sculptures“! Truth be told, I admire Ms. Featherstone’s creativity and imagination. Even in my weirdest most creative moments, I would […]

Wooden QR Code Sculpture

QR Code Sculpture

QR codes are the new barcodes, and they have gotten popular rather quickly. From QR codes in tombstones to QR code tattoos – I thought we’d seen them all. Apparently, I was wrong. I just discovered a really cool wooden QR code sculpture, which says a lot about its creator, German artist Elena Belmann. ((Elena […]

Awesome Newspaper Sculptures

The Scholar Newspaper Sculpture

Do you find yourself attracted to all sorts of “weird” things? Of course, weird is a relative word. What may be weird to one person may be totally normal to another. That being said, here are some newspaper sculptures that I think have a weirdness to them. It is that kind of weird that you […]

Scrap Metal Animals

Scrap Metal Fish

Where does scrap metal goes when it dies? Technically, scrap metal is already dead, I think, as it is supposed to be the corpse of previously useful things. Then again, as the old saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. In the case of French artist Edouard Martinet, however, scrap metal is the […]

Optimus Prime in Ice


One might think that an Optimus Prime sculpture without the all the colors will be nothing more than blah, but I think that the creation of Atti and Michel de Kok will change your mind about that. This ice sculpture is quite representative of the ice cold calmness and nerves of steel that I associate […]