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Sonic Screwdriver Storage For The Doctor On The Go!

Having multiple sonic screwdrivers can pose a problem. There’s only so many pockets you can place them in! For the Doctor who has everything, it’s only right that you get him a cool place to store it all. This cool sonic screwdriver storage was made by 00failure over at The RPF. Doctor Who fans, I know you’d […]

Save 22% On The Eleventh Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver on Amazon!

We’re all excited for Peter Capaldi’s run as the Twelth Doctor, but a little part (okay, a large part) of us still misses Matt Smith as Eleven. While we can’t bring him back, we can own a little piece of Eleven with this cool replica of his Sonic Screwdriver. It has the trademark spring loaded […]

One Sonic Screwdriver to Rule Them All

My dad taught me the skills that allowed me to live on my own without relying on someone else to fix things (well, sometimes). Before I entered high school, I could change a light bulb, replace the rubber plate to fix a leaking faucet, and I learned the necessity of having a set of screwdrivers. […]

Own a Real Sonic Screwdriver

“Real” being a relative term, this is indeed a real sonic screwdriver. It doesn’t emit any sonic waves, but in every other way, it’s the real deal, a “hero prop” exactly like the one used by Matt Smith on Doctor Who. You won’t believe how much it costs.