History of Hand-held Consoles

For avid video gamers, there is nothing better than taking your game on the go with a hand held console. These hand-held video games have come a long way since the original Nintendo Gameboy was released. Below you can find information of a few of the best hand held consoles that have been released in the last 10 years.

Any discussion of hand-held video games has to start with Nintendo, which basically created the entire market. The first big step up in hand-held console technology came with the release of the Gameboy Advance SP. This console features quite a few games designed specifically for it, as well as many other classic games from both Sega and Nintendo which were redesigned for a hand-held. While not having nearly the features of newer hand-held video games, it is one of the most portable hand-helds and is still quite popular. [Read more…]

E3 2012: PlayStation

Sony hauled out the big guns for its moment in the E3 spotlight, including major new IP (Beyond! The Last of Us!) and the latest titles from favorite franchises like God of War. They also had some surprising announcements. [Read more…]