Uncharted 3: Enter the Villain

You can’t have a great hero without a great villain, or so goes the adage. The hotly-anticipated third entry in the Uncharted series has just unveiled its dastardly mustache-twirler. But in this case, the creative team at Naughty Dog has given hero Nathan Drake a nemesis with two X chromosomes and some refined sophistication. Meet […]

Sony Reveals the PSP’s Successor

Following months of speculation and insider leaks, Sony at last unveiled its follow-up to the PlayStation Portable. It’s codenamed “NGP” (next-generation portable), which I can only assume means that Sony isn’t planning on calling it the “PSP2.” The new device is a powerhouse of hardware, with tons of cutting-edge features packed into its sleek, stylish […]

Is PSP2 As Powerful As PS3?

Could Sony be plotting a competitor to Nintendo’s 3DS that’s packing horsepower equivalent to its powerhouse home console? That’s the rumor du jour circulating the gaming world today. According to British print mag MCV, which covers the goings-on inside the game industry, Sony has been telling game developers that the PSP2 will be in stores […]

How Do Kinect’s Sales Numbers Compare?

So there’s a press release making the rounds today about how Microsoft’s new Xbox motion controller Kinect has sold one million units in its first 10 days. This is big news for Xbox because Microsoft has made big noise about wanting to sell 5 million Kinect units by the end of this year, and they […]

PlayStation Wants to Reward Hardcore Users

In 2011, Sony is going to reward players for being mega-fans, through a new “PlayStation Rewards” program. The overall concept sounds a bit like PlayStation Plus, just without having to pay for it. But Sony insists it’s more than that. The program is going to reward players based on user rankings of “Select,” “Pro,” and […]

Is the PSP2 a Phone?

The PlayStation Phone is real. It’s seemed like such an obvious thing, for so long, that tech-heads have been expecting it for years. After all, with the iPhone proving that smartphones can also be powerful gaming devices, why wouldn’t Sony engage in some corporate synergy between its Ericsson and PlayStation divisions? Thanks to Engadget, we […]

Will Sony Take on the 3DS… or the iPhone?

Sony’s first handheld gaming system is six years old. That’s one year older than tradition tells us is the average life of a game console. The industry has been waiting and watching for Sony to announce a true successor to the PSP, but so far, nada. So in place of actual news, there’s always rumors […]

Is the PSP2 imminent?

England’s MCV magazine is reporting that Sony might be planning to make a surprise announcement (which would be less so now, I suppose) at next month’s E3: the PSP2. Now that the iPad is bringing high-def handheld gaming to the masses, Sony has to be feeling the pain with its low-def PlayStation Portable. Then there’s […]

No More Linux For PS3

Sony fanboys (fangirls) have always stood by their brand. This is a phenomenon that we can actually associate with other brands, but it seems to me that those who profess to be fans of Sony (especially the PlayStation series) are more hardcore than others. In a very recent move, though, Sony might end up alienating […]

Handheld gaming: the plot thickens

Until recently, the two major players in the handheld gaming wars have been Nintendo and PlayStation. The N has a strong history when it comes to handhelds, going back to the bestselling handheld gaming device of all time, the GameBoy. Sony has had significant success with the PlayStation Portable, an overall more powerful machine than […]

Sony and CBS unveil 3D consumer research centre

As consumers get their heads around all things high definition, the next big thing is 3D TV. We already know that a number of consumer electronics companies and broadcasters are pushing full steam ahead with plans to launch hardware and programming in 3D, and now Sony and CBS have partnered to open up a 3D […]

Sony shows off advanced digital voice recorders

Dictaphones: that’s what they used to be called. Today, though, those silly little cassette tapes and fiddly controls have all but gone and we’ve turned digital. In fact, after years of wanting a digital recorder, I now use my iPhone. However, there are still some nice features on these new recorders from Sony that would […]

Dedicated 3DTV network coming to US as Sony, Discovery and IMAX partner

While many consumers are still getting their heads around high definition TV, the march onto the next big thing continues in earnest, with news today that the US will get its first 24/7 3D TV channel… sometime. Sony, Discovery and IMAX have agreed to work on a channel that will show a range of programming […]

All I Want For Christmas Is…

…a PlayStation 3 console all done up in gold. Wishful thinking? Perhaps, but it IS possible to get your hands on one. Sony has been struggling with its revenue from the PS3 console, but it was able to weather the storm and even released a new version (the slim) this year. Who would have thought […]

2010 FIFA World Cup to be filmed in 3D by Sony

Followers of high definition and 3D TV have known for some time that Sony is just one of the companies looking towards a three-dimensional future for a range of its TVs, Blu-ray players, laptops and other gear. Now, thanks to a deal with FIFA, the governing body of world football, up to 25 games from […]

Attention gamers: decorate your Christmas tree with console ornaments

With Christmas fast approaching (really), it’s time for geeks to start planning how they’re going to decorate their tree. Once you’ve decided on the tree itself, you’ll need to work out what to hang off it. Yes, you could stay fairly traditional and use baubles and candies, but how about decorating the tree with miniature […]

Bizarre Sony patent to detect viewer smiling and laughter

This is an absolute must-see patent from Sony. Not only is the concept great but the drawing is absolutely priceless. First, the concept: Sony thinks it can improve your game playing experience if it knows when you smile or laugh at something on screen. It will do this by tracking bodily gestures and sounds via […]

Getting Nostalgic Over The Walkman

Andy just posted something about the Walkman’s 30th anniversary and guess what that got me doing? I had to dig up some old boxes in an effort to find my old Walkman! Yes, I still have it! After spending a good part of an hour trying to locate it, I was more than ready to […]

10 Cool Sony Walkman photos – celebrate Walkman's 30th birthday

Happy 30th birthday Sony Walkman. You might’ve lost out a lot to the iPod but I’ll never forget your chunky cassette playing ’80s magic or your “can’t play the last track on a really full CD” Discman. So, by way of small celebration here are ten images inspired by your greatness. 1. Hard-wired SonyEricsson Walkman […]

Sony files patent for Emotion Engine tech on PS3's Cell processor

When I heard that Sony was going to remove PS2 backwards compatibility on future Playstation 3 units, I decided that I was going to track down a unit that still had the Emotion Engine installed on it. I still have some PS2 games that I want to play and I wanted the option to play […]