The Evolution of Visual Effects – 136 Years’ Worth!

So you say you’re a visual effects enthusiast? Then you have to see this video put together by director Jim Casey. He took visual effects from 1878 (yes, that much way back in time!) to 2014, and spliced them together in a 3-minute video. And, boy, oh boy, is it one heck of a sensory […]

The Tears of a ‘Bot

Last week a giant in the world of special effects slipped quietly away with little to-do in the public eye. Grant McCune, the man responsible for R2-D2, died of pancreatic cancer in his California home. He was 67. Usually my posts here are rife with snark and flippancy, but I was compelled to take a […]

Blood, Knives, and Bodies Galore

Dexter fans had been waiting for September 2010 for far too long now, and the wait has been worth it. Just last weekend, the fifth season of Dexter premiered on Show Time, with countless fans celebrating. There were even premier parties held to mark this momentous occasion. Of course, having the show back on also […]