All of the VGA Trailers

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It’s become a tradition that every year at Spike’s Video Game Awards, big developers and publishers make announcements about new games and trot out their latest trailers. Here’s a complete collection of every new trailer shown at this year’s VGAs, just a few nights ago.

All of the VGA Trailers


A brand new IP from the makers of Uncharted! A gigantic new look at Mass Effect 3! The next big thing from the people behind Gears of War! The new face of modern terrorism! And loads more — over a dozen trailers in all, fresh from Saturday night’s VGAs.

Game Vids: Special Edition

Picture 3

Mass Effect 3. Elder Scrolls 5. Forza 4. Uncharted 3. Prototype 2. Resistance 3. Batman: Arkham City. SSX. And a certain Guillermo del Toro game… Spike’s Video Game Awards aired over the weekend, and while few gamers or industry insiders consider the awards themselves to be all that prestigious, the industry does always take the […]

What is BioWare’s New Mystery Game?


BioWare is being quite the tease today. After releasing the above image, and announcing that they’ll reveal the identity of their next big game during Spike’s Video Game Awards on December 11th, BioWare has started sending out QR codes for smartphones by Twitter. From reports all around the web, the consensus seems to be that […]