Your First Glimpse of Garrett In the New ‘Thief’

Reboots are all the rage these days, but as long as they result in quality on Tomb Raider’s level, I’m cool with them. Eidos Montreal today has posted online your first look at Thief’s protagonist in action, and this sure ain’t the Thief you remember. It’s something a lot more exciting.

PC Classic ‘Thief’ Returns

Eidos Montreal — the people that brought you Deus Ex: Human Revolution — have announced their next game, and it’s the long-awaited return of a classic: Thief. What’s more, it’s being made for next-gen consoles like the PS4.

This Tomb Raider Behind-the-Scenes Will Blow Your Mind

I know what you’re thinking. How can a featurette about the Tomb Raider reboot’s musical score blow your mind? Trust me on this.

Another For Ouya: Final Fantasy III

The Ouya news just keeps rolling in. The $99 Android-based TV console just landed another launch partner and title, in Square Enix’s Final Fantasy III.

Final Fantasy XIV, Attempt #2

Almost two years ago, Square Enix released its MMO game Final Fantasy XIV — to the resounding applause of no one. Now, a completely overhauled, remade-from-scratch FFXIV has been announced. Will it make players forget the original version?

Suckfest II: Tomb Raider’s Delayed, Too

No sooner do we find out that the most anticipated game of the year — BioShock Infinite — has been delayed to 2013, than we get hit with another blow. Go ahead and scratch Tomb Raider off the 2012 release list, too.

A Look at ‘Quantum Conundrum’

Portal proved that there’s a market for (and maybe even invented) the “First-Person Puzzler” genre. Square Enix and Airtight Games (Dark Void) are talking up what sounds like the next big entry in this new category: Quantum Conundrum.

Square Enix Announces ‘Sleeping Dogs’

Check out this John Woo-esque short film made to unveil a brand new IP from Square Enix London called Sleeping Dogs — a gritty crime thriller dealing with the Hong Kong Triads.

A Look at Deus Ex’s ‘Missing Link’ DLC

This month, Eidos Montreal is giving us all an excuse to go back to Deus Ex: Human Revolution (which we’re crazy about, don’t’cha know) with a downloadable content pack called “The Missing Link.” In it, we find out exactly what Adam Jensen did during his missing three days between Shanghai and Panchaea. And from the […]

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