Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo 2014 – Cosplay Images and More from the Floor

The Comikaze Expo is somewhat of a new player in the world of comic conventions, having just experienced its 4th year in the heart of Los Angeles, California. That’s mainly because it’s not technically a comic-con. Yes, in its 2nd year, it acquired the biggest name in comics – Stan Lee – as part of […]

Top 10 Stan Lee Movie Cameos [Watch]

Stan Lee is arguably the most loved icon in the comic book world, but he definitely is a legend. While he may have – understandably – had a restraining order against Sheldon, his fans totally enjoy seeing him in cameo roles. Here’s a video clip of the top 10 Stan Lee movie cameos. You may […]

Play as Stan Lee in New Spider-Man Game

The tie-in game for The Amazing Spider-Man does something that no game has ever done before: let you play as Stan Lee. And as you can see in this video, Lee has all of Spider-Man’s powers. I can’t decide if it’s awkward or awesome.

Stan Lee’s World of Heroes

Who’s got time to sit down and spend 40 minutes watching a talk show these days? Of course, if we’re talking about TV series like Game of Thrones, it is a totally different matter. Now and then, though, it is nice to watch a video that actually catches your attention and satisfies that geek in […]

Coolest Mashup You’ll See Today

The Muppets and the X-Men. Who would have thought that they can come together in such an amazing piece of work? Jim Henson and Stan Lee would both be proud of what DeviantArtist ~Rahzzah has created, don’t you think? The artist actually published this drawing on the day that marked the 21st anniversary of Jim […]

Sorrows and Joys

Just as reality swings from side to side in the comics worlds, as Age Of X has finished and Flashpoint commences; so to does reality swing up and down in, well, reality. It was with regret that I heard yesterday that the excellent Human Target TV series has been dropped by Fox. There has been […]

New Universes And Old

Well, now we have seen the crop of Stan Lee’s new titles from Boom! – Soldier Zero, The Traveller and StarBorn, the first of which reaches its third issue today. Now we can see how the three titles fit together and the general shape of this new universe. It all seems to centre around a […]

Stan Lee announces 3 new creations at Comic-Con

At a press conference yesterday just before Comic-Con got underway, Boom! Studios and Stan Lee‘s Pow! Entertainment announced his three new ongoing superhero to be published by Boom! this fall. They are: Soldier Zero: about an astronomy teacher in a wheelchair who’s bonded to an alien weapon of war after a freak accident. Soldier Zero […]

When East and West Collide

What do you get when you combine the core elements of Japanese anime and American comic books? The answer is a new series called Heroman. Written by none other than famous comic book writer Stan Lee and produced by Bones animation studio, Heroman is just a small glimpse into what’s to come. Marvel, in collaboration […]