Get Your Buzz On With These Star Trek Drinks

You know how sometimes your days go by in a blur?  These past two weeks have been like that for me, but it’s all good.  With a little juice here and there, everything just seemed to fall right into place.  Yes, my name is Noemi Twigg, but no, I am not an alcoholic.  I do […]

Boldly Go Where Lot's Of Pizza Has Gone Before, Get In My Tummy

We don’t post a lot of “Gadgets” on Forevergeek, most of the time their “techie” but not quite “geeky” but in the case of the Star Trek Starship Enterprise Pizza Cutter it’s just a whole new level of eatery awesomeness. Available at ThinkGeek for the semi-low price of just $25, this piece of art, yeah […]

Want to Learn a New Language? Try Na'vi.

Last week, the first ever opera in Klingon was held at The Hague. Language enthusiasts can’t help but get excited about something like that, even though the idea of learning a “fake” language may seem silly to some. (Think about it though – is there really such a thing as a fake language?) Needless to […]

Need More Culture in Your Life? Watch a Klingon Opera

Going to the opera is not everyone’s cup of tea, but this new opera being showcased in The Hague (Netherlands) just might make even the staunchest “opponents” of opera go watch it.  Dubbed “u,” the opera is the first production ever to be sung completely in an alien language.  Foreign language enthusiast, are you?  Forget […]

An Embarrassment to Geeks Everywhere

This train wreck defies explanation, but here’s what I can tell you: take the theme song to Star Trek: The Next Generation, and add a singing Trekkie, in uniform — with lyrics he wrote himself. His voice is actually pretty decent. Watch for the toy Enterprise cameo that’s oh-so-realistic. It’s because of people like this […]

This Is What Would Happen If William Shatner Directed Star Trek [Video]

My favorite viral videos are those that have “characters” who may be less “character” and more real life, take for example this Star Trek fan who created his own “shout out” to the major characters of the popular TV series. With lyrics like “Here they go in a large tin can, give me warp five […]

15 Things You Didn't Know About Star Trek

I just stumbled across this infographic about Star Trek, yes another inforgraphic, and had to share it here. I’m not a Trekkie but I did watch Voyager regularly when it was on TV. I only know one fact on this list and that’s the one about William Shatner selling his kidney stone. Most notorious fact […]

Shakespeare And Geeks

April 23 is traditionally celebrated as Shakespeare’s birthday, although Shakespeare geeks would know that this day isn’t really when he was born. In fact, he died on the 23rd of April 1616. Since his exact date of birth isn’t known, this day has been designated as the celebration for his birthday. Isn’t that pretty cool? […]

The first must-have iPad app

If you’re a geek, and you have a pulse, then at one time or another, you have wanted a PADD. That’s “Personal Access Data Device,” to any non-Trekkers out there. I’m talking, of course, about the handheld computer of choice for crew members onboard the U.S.S. Enterprise. A few simple taps and gestures were all […]

Geek Baby: Onesies and Bibs

My wife and I had our first child a month ago, and I’ve been on the constant search for cool things to do with my baby. See for dads – at least for me – the baby portion of life really isn’t very eventful. After all, I’m not the baby factory, and so I’m not […]