The Geekiest Engagement and Wedding Rings of Our Time

Nerds are challenging the traditional selection of a diamond for their rings, and ditching sparkling rocks in favor of designs that more accurately express their devotion to certain fandoms. In response to the demand, metal and gem artisans are finding new consumer niches within the ring industry. You can’t log on to Etsy or Pinterest […]

The Almighty Star Trek Lit-Verse Reading Order

With upwards of 500 novels in publication, it’s no surprise that many people are confused about the continuity of the Star Trek novels. With the help of  TrekBBS user Thrawn, there is now a fantastic aid called the Star Trek Lit-Verse Reading Order Flowchart. Click the image below to see it in full size. Don’t know where to […]

Pop Culture Popsicles Bring Frozen Fun!

Super cool illustrator Andrew Heath took our favorite pop culture characters from TV shows, movies, and video games and turned them into colorful popsicles. We love how his ‘Pop Culture Popsicles’ series turns the likes of Walter White  and Ron Swanson into frozen delights. Andrew says he’ll be making 50 prints and selling them at the 2014 Lexington […]

Beam Me Up, Hottie. Star Trek: The Next Generation Cookies!

Just when you thought Valentine’s Day would be a bust, Mike from Semi Sweet Designs shows up with Star Trek: The Next Generation Valentine’s Day cookies. Ideal gifts for the Trekkie in your life (or for yourself, if you’re your own Trekkie in your life, that is), it comes complete with cheeseball love notes and […]

Beam Me Up Scotty! Star Trek’s Universal Translator Is Here!

The good news is the Internet has brought more people from across the globe together. The bad news is the Internet has brought more people from across the globe together. With hundreds of spoken languages, not to mention their dialects, it can be very difficult to communicate with one another. Historically, science fiction films and […]

Must-Have Christmas Decor: The Wreath of Khan

If your Christmas decor does not make you happy, then this is what has been missing. Unless you’re a purely Star Wars fan, that is. And, even if your decorating plans are complete, I am sure you can find space for the Wreath of Khan. Via

This Is How Red Shirts Dream

Or maybe not. Warning: It’s not totally unsafe for work, but some (Red Shirts or not) might find it rather offensive. Then again, if you have a sense of humor like Rich Moyer (the creator) does, you’ll have a hoot. Here’s what to expect: “These intrepid spacemonauts risk their lives on the front line. Tele-zapping […]

Seams Geeky: Rockin’ Geek-themed Embroidered Swag for Your Home

Okay, okay, so we’re geeks. So what? We’re proud of that fact and love to let the world know about it in our own special way. Whether we’re strolling around in our branded t-shirts, or rigging our smart phones to make them look like the Star Trek control board, we have an affinity to letting […]

Captain Picard sings “Let it Snow!”

I think we can all agree this is the greatest Christmas video evarrrrr…

WIN Star Trek Starship Models

Do you feel like adding THREE Star Trek starships to your existing collection? If you’re saying, “What collection?”, no worries. There’s no better time to start than now! The guys of Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection are putting up not one, but THREE, Star Trek starship models; and of course, one lucky Trekkie ForeverGeek […]