Why The World Needs An R-Rated Star Wars Movie

r rated star wars movie

Can we be honest here for a second? The people who grew up on Star Wars are now old(er). While many of us were kids when the first movies came out in the 70’s, many of those same kids are now fully grown adults. Wouldn’t it then make sense that there would be one upcoming […]

Fandom Friday: Best Star Wars VII Fan Art

best star wars vii fan art

Four months till Star Wars VII hits the theaters. Can you wait that long? Not that you have any choice, but there’s a lot of material to keep you busy. There have been leaks for months now, trailers, and speculation left and right. For Fandom Friday this week, we won’t go into all that. Instead, let’s highlight the […]

San Diego Comic-Con 2015: the Biggest Moments in Movies and TV

SDCC 2015 - Batman v Superman armor

It’s nearly impossible to encapsulate San Diego Comic-Con 2015 in a single post with mere words. As it’s always been, you have to be there to fully understand what it’s all about and how it affects a person. No matter what you go to San Diego Comic-Con for, what you get is almost always not […]

Stormtrooper Costume Evolution

stormtrooper costume evoliution

They may not hit anything, but Stormtroopers are still one of the most popular costumes people use for Halloween, at parties, or even conventions. Stormtrooper memes are all over the place. No doubt, they’re not among the list of most annoying Star Wars characters. While anything Star Wars is always welcome, the interest is at […]

6 Things They Need To Do With New ‘Star Wars’ Boba Fett Spin Off Movie

Boba Fett

While many of us are sitting around, waiting for The Force Awakens to drop at the end of this year, slow news about the Star Wars spin-off movies have begun leaking. First, we heard about the spin-off about the rebels raiding the Death Star for the original Death Star plans. With a great director at […]

D23 Expo 2015 Reveals Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, Disney Studios Lineup

D23 Expo 2015

If you were to ask someone what the biggest geek convention of 2015 would be, they’d probably say San Diego Comic-Con, and it would be a safe bet that they were right. But this year, that title isn’t easily held. Consider the D23 Expo in Anaheim, California, held just a month later and a few […]