Apple unveils iPhone 4

iPhone 4

Today at WWDC, Steve Jobs unveiled the long-awaited and already-leaked iPhone 4 — which is not the “iPhone 4G,” as was anticipated. Here are the highlights: The design of the iPhone has been completely overhauled. Gone is the soap-shaped smartphone of… well, yesterday. Instead, we have a sleek new ultra-thin device shaped not unlike a […]

Ice Cream a la Steve Jobs


Who would have thought that Steve Jobs loved ice cream? Then again, who does NOT love ice cream? Crave recently ran a very mouth-watering feature on the ultimate geek recipes – that is, favorite recipes of the best known geeks in the world (past and present) – and I have to say that the Apple […]

Apple announces revamped iPod line


Apple’s Let’s Rock event has finished and Steve Jobs did not disappoint in announcing new revamps in its mammoth bestseller iPod line. The announcements have been across the board with all of the iPod products. First is that the iPod Classic now has just a single model, the 120GB. The new model though is much […]