Stop-Motion Kart 64 – Mario Kart in Real Life

mario kart in real life

What do you get when you have two grown men (I’m using the word grown loosely here) who are huge fans of the Mario Kart franchise and have stuntman/filmmaker friends? A stop-motion video of something totally ridiculous but insanely fun, of course. Rustic B is the stuntman/filmmaker from LA who enlisted his friends to create […]

Action Bill vs ShatnerBot – LEGO Stop Motion Fun!

Action Bill -William Shakespeare

Stop motion films are always a wonder to watch. The sheer effort and creativity needed to even complete a short film is just amazing. The kick-ass team at AMAA Productions created Action Bill, a LEGO stop motion movie about William Shatner traveling back in time to destroy–who else?–William Shakespeare. A surprise guest joins the fray too. […]

Making LEGO Movies Just Got a Lot Easier


When it comes to keeping fans happy, LEGO is on a roll. It seems like every week, LEGO announces some new product or feature that pays service to its base of hardcore fans. Their latest goodie: a free iPhone app that makes it super simple to film your own stop-motion LEGO movies.

1987 TMNT Stop Motion Tribute

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles stop motion

COWABUNGA! Are you old enough to remember the days when it was cool for kids to utter that word whenever it seemed appropriate? Even when it was not totally apt, kids in my day would find some way to say COWABUNGA! Just because they could. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles represents special times for some […]

The Games of 2011 — In LEGO

Screen Shot 2012-02-23 at 2.38.15 PM

This two-minute video highlights fifteen of the biggest games of 2011, by recreating them in LEGO animation. And it’s nothing but awesome.

Pac-Man Stop Motion Video

pacman stop motion video

I haven’t seen a lot of stuff related to Pac-Man lately. It could be because I haven’t been looking, or maybe Pac-Man is lacking heat these days. If you just love Pac-Man and can’t get enough of him, then you’ll be delighted to watch a really short Pac-Man stop motion video. Created by YouTube user […]

10 Mind-Blowing Stop Motion Videos


Stop motion animation is a rare thing these days. In the age of computer animation, it takes a special kind of animator to endure the incredible patience and painstaking skill required to animate real-world objects, one frame at a time. Yet for those remaining devotees, the production values have continued to advance with the times. […]

All I Need, awesome stop-motion video by Juan José López

Probably when I told you yesterday that I’m a big fan of video art and Bill Viola, you lifted your shoulder and thought ‘So what’. But little did you know what was coming. I really hope you like awesome animation, especially stop-motion video as much as I do because I will post you every cool […]