My Favorite Video Games of All Time

Video games have come a long way since the 70s. Today, life-like graphics and soundtracks keep gamers mesmerized in virtual worlds for hours. Game-playing enthusiasts choose from hundreds of titles spanning numerous genres. Companies continually introduce new and improved consoles and platforms on which one can play. Of all the games created in the previous […]

The World’s First Super Mario Action Figure To Be Released This May!

He’s one of the most famous video game characters of all time–of all time! (Did we just hear Kanye West?) But Mario has apparently never been made into a full action figure before. S.H. Figuarts will release the full-sized Super Mario action figure this May 2014. Though many miniature Mario figures have been released as […]

Donkey Kong Animated Wedding Cake

This is a wedding cake baked by Meals For Reals and animated by DJ and lighting company Posh Entertainment using a 3-D mapped projector! Source: POSH Donkey Kong Projector Wedding Cake

5 Wedding Themes For Geek Couples

There’s nothing cuter than geeks in love (there are plenty of Jonathan Coulton and Kirby Krackle songs to prove it). Between Battlestar Galactica marathons and matching cosplay, geeky couples just do it better, and there’s no better celebration of geeky love than a geeky wedding. Throwing the Best (And Geekiest) Wedding You’ve probably seen a […]

Super Mario Goes Punk

Retro gamer? “Punk’s not dead!” your battle cry? Brazilian artist Billy Butcher will make your day. Heck, he will give you something to smile about the entire week! He calls his recent work “The Sid & Nancy Nintendo Lost Levels”, but the main thing ringing in my head after taking a look at his illustrations […]

10 Geeky Photo Mosaics

Geeky visuals alert! Check out these ten giant images made of hundreds (or thousands) of smaller images, aka photo mosaics.

How to Get Married the Super Mario Way

Talk about a cool couple getting together to produce even cooler offspring. (We hope!) Even a blind person can see that that is a Super Mario wedding invitation! Now don’t get overexcited – although I would totally understand if you do get all worked up. After all, with all the boring and sickeningly sappy wedding […]

Mario Brothers and Classic WWF Wrestlers Mashup

Mario Brothers and Classic WWF Wrestlers. If you get even remotely excited at the prospect of seeing a mashup featuring these two, then you are probably from the same era I am. I still remember being thoroughly excited by the prospect of playing Super Mario with my cousins – a rare treat allowed by my […]

Super Mario RPG World Map

Are you bored with your current wallpaper? Or maybe you’re looking for a piece of art that you want to print out and hang in your bedroom wall. If you’re a Super Mario fan, specifically a Super Mario RPG fan, I just might have something for you to consider. DeviantArtist ihateyouare has created a humongous […]

Super Mario with realistic sound effects

OK so here’s something to add to your daily dose of strange. I’ve seen Super Mario done live, seen it done in stop motion .. what else hasn’t been done? Well this is how Super Mario would sound like if it were dubbed with sound effects from a first person shooter: you can recognized bits […]