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Mario Brothers Beat Boxer. This Guys My New Best Friend

Beat Boxing has never really been able to hold my interest, but it’s hard to deny true talent when I see it and this Super Mario Brothers beat boxer takes a beloved classic and peppers it with some pretty cool beats. It’s one thing to go “do do do do do do do […]

Incredible "history" of retro video games

Do you know how Tetris, Arkanoid, Pong, Super Mario and Sonic were created? Amusement Magazine has the answer, it seems, with some stunning high resolution imagery of the fixtures and fittings required for each game.

Your Very Own 1UP Mushroom

Super Mario fans, rejoice! You can now have your very own 1UP mushroom right on your desk. No need to play the game anymore hoping and wishing that the powers that be in Marioland will send a 1UP mushroom right down your way. With this officially licensed Nintendo collectible, you can grow your own 1UP […]

Yatzee reviews Super Mario Bros Brawl

Smash Bros is probably the only famous Nintendo video-game franchise I’ve never had the pleasure of owning. I’ve played it a couple of times before, the action is “crazy” and it takes little more than random button mashing to achieve good, or decent, results. In that aspect Smash Bros is no different from most other […]

3D Super Mario Bros

No, this isn’t the new Super Mario Bros game for the DS. But a group of crazy programmers decided remake the original game engine and give you the ability to change the 3D perspective of it. The maps aren’t the same as the original, but the gameplay is all there. So if you’re a fan […]