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14 Eternal Anime Couples

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and that means it’s time to celebrate the love that couples share with each other. Anime is full of couples, some of them fight, others fell in love at first sight, but all of them are deeply in love. Here are 14 couples whose love is so strong that you […]

The Onii-chan Syndome

One of the things that frequent viewers of anime will notice is that the brother complex is very common in anime compared to other media. There are a number of titles in which romantic feelings develop between a brother and sister that may or may not be blood related. More often than not, such relationships […]

Guilty Crown vs Sword Art Online

Guilty Crown and Sword Art Online are two anime that cater to the same demographic (male teens) and feature roughly equal amounts of action and flirting. Both have a young male protagonist who is thrust into battle and becomes the most powerful character. They also both have a strong female character that later ends up […]

How to Disconnect from Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online is one of the more popular anime airing this season. Produced by Aniplex, the story focuses on a boy named Kirito, a beta tester for a new virtual reality MMORPG called Sword Art Online. Only 10,000 copies of the game were released on launch day and those lucky enough to get one […]