Game Devs Underwhelmed by Wii U’s Horsepower

If you’re hoping for Nintendo’s Wii U console to have graphics on par with — or better than — Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, developers already working with the hardware say you should be prepared for disappointment.

GameStop Creating Its Own Gaming Tablet

Yep, you read that right. Apple has changed the face of gaming so strongly thanks to its iPad tablet (not to mention the iPhone) and download-only game apps that video game retailer GameStop is feeling the burn. In addition to Apple’s iOS, there are all the Android tablets starting to pop up. Now GameStop is […]

Faux iPad experience on your netbook

This past week-end it seemed like everyone I follow on Twitter who lives in the U.S. got an iPad. For two days 80% of tweets appearing on my screen where about the iPad. Of course now I want one more then before but I have to resign waiting for release in The Netherlands which isn’t […]