13 “Halloween Tattoos”

It’s that time of the year again, when ghouls, zombies, and everything freaky comes out into the open. Not that for some people, it’s not a normal thing. If you’re into the freaky, scary, or whatever similar adjective you prefer, and you like tatts, then you’ll have lots of eye candy to tide you over […]

Ultraviolet Skeleton Tattoo

This tattoo leaves me speechless, and I dare say it does the same to you guys. I know only one person who has ultraviolet tattoos on his arm, and they are pretty awesome. Of course, you have to have the right lighting to actually see the tattoos, but this kind of “ink” is perfect for […]

Science, Skin and Ink: The Best Science Tattoos

The ForeverGeek crew – and readers – have this thing about tattoos. I think we’ve covered pretty much everything from electronic tattoos to superhero tattoos to QR code tattoos. And I am pretty sure that there are so many more cool tattoos out there. (Now there’s an idea to check out for an updated collection.) […]

Who Wants an Electronic Tattoo?

We all know just how tattoos can be cool, and we love them! Even though some of us are taking forever to decide when to actually take the plunge and get inked ourselves, there is no stopping us from appreciating all those wonderful works of art inked on other people’s bodies. Now what if you […]

QR Codes Under Your Skin?

I don’t know about you, but I have been seeing QR codes, or Quick Response codes, more lately. It’s not like QR codes are something new, but I didn’t really notice them being used a lot till recently. Some people in my circle of friends online even use QR codes for their profile picture. We’ve […]

9 Peanuts Tattoos To Drool Over

In keeping up with the tattoos series, I looked around the internet for Peanuts tattoos. Who doesn’t know Peanuts or it’s main character Charlie Brown? They never bore, each year without missing they are on TV for the holidays in the U.S. The comics are full of imparting wisdom’s. I found nine tattoos good enough […]

23 Cool Superhero Tattoos

We’ve always loved tattoos – just can’t seem to get enough of them!  Of course, when speaking of tatts, we cannot overlook those of superheroes.  After all, there is a plethora of them out there.  Not all of them are tasteful or nice, that is true, but here is the result of hours of scouring […]

7 Banksy Tattoos

Thanks to Franky I’ve become familiar with the artist Banksy. After reading all posts here and seeing videos inspired by his art work I have read about him on several other websites. From what I have read of him he seems a bit like Bill Watterson, the creator of Calvin and Hobbes. Both of them […]

8 Awesome Twilight Tattoos?

If there is one book and movie franchise that provokes a lot of reactions it is the Twilight saga. You either love it or hate it. I knew how much it was hated by the haters, every time a new movie came out I would read the endless bashing of the movie. It doesn’t bother […]

Incredibly intricate tattoos on LEGO Minifigs

Pilot Pens has a new “extra fine” point pen available, and to demonstrate its needle-like size, a Barcelona ad agency came up with this series of adverts that feature LEGO Minifigures. The Minifigs have been inked using the extra fine Pilot pens, and are shown in extreme close-ups so you can see for yourself just […]