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5 Reasons Why We’re Optimistic About FOX’s Gotham

Disclaimer: I was a Smallville fan. I accepted it for what it was, a teen drama that featured angst, romance, and a Lex Luthor that was too good for the show. Somewhere along the way, everything got muddled up and I stopped watching. I’ve been told that the series got much better as it was […]

The Flash Is Spotted Filming In Vancouver!

‘Cautiously optimistic’ is a phrase I like to use a lot when it comes to comic book adaptations in general. These first few photos of Grant Gustin as our favorite speedster, The Flash, make me feel the exact same way. Though I would have preferred if they kept the white background in his logo, I […]

The History of Superheroes on TV

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. premieres this week, and it looks like a sure hit. Before it arrives, let’s take a look at the long (and often depressing) history of superheroes on TV.

The X-Files Anniversary: Twenty Years of Loving ‘The FBI’s Most Unwanted’

  Big television anniversaries are being commemorated all over the net it seems. Doctor Who’s fiftieth will soon be upon us in November. Fringe just hit five. But September 10, 2013 was a pretty big anniversary in the realm of geek television as well, for this date marked twenty years since The Pilot for The […]

Four Bad Robot Shows and Why They are Geekily Good

Say the name J.J. Abrams, and you’re likely to receive a variety of reactions from those in various parts of geekdom. Some folks consider him the slayer of all that is good and holy in the Star Trek universe, and they are more than glad to tell you about it… (“The Butcher of Vulcan.” Really?) […]

2013 Fall TV Pilots to Watch For

The major broadcast networks have announced their Fall TV '13 primetime schedules, and it's shaping up to be a very good time to be a TV viewer. Genre fans have plenty to look forward to, including superheroes, vampires, pirates, fairy tales, apocalypses, and cops. Lots of cops. Here are all the new Fall shows you should get excited for now.

A Geeky Guide to Fall’s New Shows

Here in the U.S., Fall is when TV networks try to win over viewers with new shows, and this season is gonna be a big one for us geeks. Here’s a handy guide to all the new shows you should know about.

16 Time Machines

Writing a time travel story is easy. Anybody can do it. Just think up a scenario where someone goes backwards or forwards in time, and interacts with the events there. The tricky part is in making the time machine believable. Whether by science or magic, here are sixteen of the most memorably awesome (and memorably […]

The Love Boat in Legos. Love, exciting and new

People are infatuated with Legos.  After recently profiling a man’s 250,000-brick Lego “Garrison of Moriah,” another man, Ryan McNaught, The Brickman, has created his own 250,000 brick behemoth, a replica of The Love Boat.

Has LOST’s Successor Been Found?

Fox has given a midseason time slot to Alcatraz, a new mystery/thriller produced by Lost and Fringe co-creator J.J. Abrams. And holy moley, this first trailer for the series is about to rock your face off.

The Sandman's Saga Continues

It’s been an auspicious week for lovers of comics and lovers of good TV – and, ideally, the perfect marriage of the two. First, The Walking Dead was reportedly offered a second season almost 2 months before it even premiers (although the second season appears to be officially unconfirmed, most news outlets are, based on […]

Comics That Should Take a Leap, or a Step Back

Don’t forget to get involved in the comic book debates at the ForeverGeek Forum! When comics convert from print to the screen – be it silver screen, little screen, or computer screen – the results are often disastrous. We’ve become so accustomed to this fact that as comic book lovers, we follow the news of […]

It's Time to Fall in Love with Zombies

This autumn one of the most epic events ever to unfold for zombie lovers will take place: a zombie TV series, and a promising one, at that. There’s never been a better time to fall in love with zombies. (See what I did there? Autumn? “Fall” in love? Get it?) I am of course speaking […]

What to Expect When Expecting (New TV for Geeks)

The new television year is fast approaching, and that means the timeless tradition of the usual slew of mostly crap shows making their over-hyped debuts is upon us. Admittedly, this honor is usually reserved for sitcoms and dubious dramas, but this could prove a particularly interesting year for geeks. It’s possible, if things are handled […]