Telltale Making ‘Fables’ Video Game

The makers of the mega-award-winning The Walking Dead: The Video Game, Telltale Games, have just announced their next big new title. It’s a collaboration with DC Comics called The Wolf Among Us, and it’s based on Bill Willingham’s fan-favorite comic book Fables.

Telltale’s The Walking Dead Ends Next Week

The season finale of The Walking Dead is about to drop. No, not the TV show — Telltale’s incredible video game.

The Action Heats Up in ‘The Walking Dead – Episode 4′

Lee and Clementine have just suffered a devastating loss, but there’s no rest for them yet. Here’s the action-packed trailer for The Walking Dead – Episode 4: Around Every Corner.

The Walking Dead: Episode 3 Out This Week

Episode 3 of Telltale Games’ brilliant video game series based on The Walking Dead comic book is out this week. Here’s where and when to find it, along with some spankin’ new screens.

The Walking Dead: Episode Two Is Here

Lumbering onward like the relentless march of undead, Telltale has unleashed the second chapter of its brilliant Walking Dead video game. It’s available now on Xbox 360, with other versions coming tomorrow. Here’s your first look.

Review: The Walking Dead – Episode One

Bringing the popular comic book (and TV show) to the world of gaming for the first time, The Walking Dead: The Video Game might be one of the best games of the year.

Miss ‘The Walking Dead’ Already? This Should Help

Telltale Games wisely chose the perfect time to release their first trailer for The Walking Dead, coming hot on the heels of the TV show’s second season finale (which was amazing, by the way). Also: the release date and price.

New Media From ‘The Walking Dead’ Game

Man, that Robert Kirkman gets around. In addition to his duties writing numerous comic books, he’s also part of the writing staff on AMC’s The Walking Dead TV show and serves as its de facto public face. Now he’s helping launch an online talk show about Telltale Game’s upcoming tie-in video game.

New ‘Jurassic Park’ Game Media & Release Date

Telltale Games has set November 15th as the release date for Jurassic Park: The Game, and unveiled a brand new action-packed trailer and some gorgeous screenshots for the game.

A Look at ‘The Walking Dead’ Game

Telltale Games has released its first screenshot (above) and some concept art from its upcoming video game adaptation of The Walking Dead. And it’s looking pretty darn good.