The 10 Geekiest Moments of 2013

2013 was an incredible year for getting your geek on. But 10 moments stood out among all the rest as the biggest, most memorable of all. Let’s count them down.

The Movies of 2012 in Propaganda Art

Let’s mash up propaganda art with some of 2012’s blockbuster movies. Why? Because we can, dear reader. Because we can.

2012 Movies Carved Into Pumpkins

Let’s hear it for the movies of 2012! Talented pumpkin carvers are commemorating their favorite movies of the year in jack o’ lantern form. And here they are.

‘Hunger Games’ + Social Gaming = Odd Fit?

A popular story about a dystopian nation where residents are subjugated and selected children are forced to fight to the death hardly sounds like fodder for lighthearted social gaming. Can The Hunger Games Adventures balance the requisite social quests with its dire setting and harsh subject matter?

Weekly Poll: How Young is Too Young for The Hunger Games?

[polldaddy poll=6072799] The Hunger Games is a brilliant novel, and by most accounts, it’s made for a great movie. But despite its billing as “young adult fiction,” The Hunger Games deals with some very grown-up themes and circumstances. So where do you draw the line? Regardless of its PG-13 rating, how young do you think […]

Official ‘Hunger Games’ Tie-In Game Not What You Expect

There is a tie-in game coming for The Hunger Games, but you won’t find it on any console, or even your PSP or 3DS. Bucking the trend altogether, this tie-in game is coming only to your iPhone and iPad.

9 Must Have Hunger Games Accessories

So the day that countless people have been waiting for has finally arrived: The Hunger Games World Premiere. How fare you? This movie has been hyped so much that I am actually afraid that we might be in for a disappointment – especially if you were into The Hunger Game book before the idea for […]

9 Reasons The Hunger Games Is the New Harry Potter

In anticipation of The Hunger Games movie, all this week ForeverGeek is celebrating the soaring popularity of Young Adult Fiction. Is all the hype about The Hunger Games books (and movie) justified? We think so! Here are nine reasons why it’s the next big thing — and way better than Twilight.

Weekly Poll: Most Anticipated 2012 Movie?

[polldaddy poll=5906802] This week, ForeverGeek posted our annual Movie Calendar, and this year, we selected 10 movies as our “Must See” picks for the year. Which is the one you’re looking forward to the most?

Are We Getting a Hunger Games Tie-In Video Game?

The much-anticipated Hunger Games movie is almost here, and as an avid fan of the books, I’m hungry for any scrap of news I can get my hands on. I’m a bit surprised that Lionsgate has no plans for a big console or PC tie-in game, but they just announced today a “social game” that actually […]