The Inn at the Crossroads: Real Food from Game of Thrones

One of the things that always fascinates me in stories (especially fantasy) is the food. Well, the same can be said of real life, but there is something to be said about how authors of fantasy books describe food. I suppose that given the immense amount of creativity necessary to come up with a successful […]

This Is How Hobbits Eat

Hankering for some hobbit fare? I am sure that you have spent practically all day watching the Lord of the Rings Trilogy at least once. Tell me honestly, after one of those occasions, didn’t you feel like having some of the food that those fuzzy little creatures had in the movie?

The Lord of the Rings, Starring The Beatles

What do you get when The Beatles express their desire to star in a Lord of the Rings movie? Off the top of my head – something that will push you over the edge, either because you think it’s hilarious or you are having a WTF moment. The guys at Super Punch decided to hold […]

This Week in Game Vids

Plop into your favorite comfy chair and kick back, because it’s every gamer’s favorite time of the week. What’s in store for you in this week’s game videos? First up, this new dev diary for Tron: Evolution — the game that’s intended to bridge the gap between the first and second movies — shows off […]

Meet Peter Jackson’s Hobbit (and Dwarves)

It’s really happening, and here’s the proof: Peter Jackson has announced casting for his main Hobbit and eight of the Dwarves involved in Bilbo Baggins’ pre-Lord of the Rings adventure. Now as a geek and a storyteller, I worship the ground Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy walks on. It was the most perfect book-to-film cinematic […]

An Open Letter to Lord of the Rings Fans Everywhere

Dear Everyone Eagerly Anticipating the Release of The Hobbit, I am writing to you today with a message of hope – a shining light in the perpetual dusk, burning brighter than Eärendil – in these, our darkest hours. I too remember where I was that terrible day when Peter Jackson announced that due to his […]